Thursday , January 28 2021

The Hard Initiative of Ray's Wardrobe vs. Mauriceio Macri and Daniel Angelci – 12/09/2018

With Copa Libertadores – under weight – at hand, a Gonzalo p Martinez He wanted to show his followers on social networks with live video. Then the film knocked down the hardcore song of the winning squad against the president of the nation and his pocket mouth.

"Angelic Button. Angelic Button. Your friend Macri"the champion's players shouted in the middle of the euphoria.

The institutional tension between the river and Boca was blunted during this final after the attack on Boca's boxing to reach Monumental.

The leader xeneize presented in Conmebol the appeal to give the game to the lost by the river, arguing that this is a situation identical to Copa Libertadores 2015, a day of pepper gas. And the river players did not forgive the play.

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