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The Harvard scientist explains why this asteroid may be an ET ship – 12/09/2018

On 19 October last year, from Hawaii, astronomers watched for the first time an object from another Solar System. They saw him travel through ours. They saw that they were crossing, turning the Sun and then firing at high speed until they disappeared. It was surprising to watch him. I think it is fascinating to live in this age, with the technology we have and witnessing such phenomena that force us to discuss and distort the lessons.

According to the Institute of Astronomy, University of Hawaii, Object 1 I / 2017 UI (later with the nickname Oumuamua, Messenger, coming from far away, Hawaiian) entered our system around 1837. But it can not be seen until 2017 because it was too far from the Sun: it could not reflect enough light to be captured. As he approached the Sun, he moved quickly and stayed briefly in the area where he was visible to today's telescopes. That's why we were able to capture it.

Humans have been called Messenger, which comes from far only because it is found in orbit that originates outside the Solar System and since the first observation showed unusual characteristicsThis is a kind of spatial object we have never seen before. Based on the sun's reflection, it was first conceived to be much more elongated or flattened than any known asteroid or comet in the solar system.

Eminence. Avi Loeb is a respected physicist at Harvard University.

Eminence. Avi Loeb is a respected physicist at Harvard University.

There was no doubt in his movement: it could be seen that it actually appeared outside the Solar System, but the most intriguing thing was the fact that its trajectory departed from the expected as a function of the gravitational force of the Sun. This force creates a rocket effectcaused by cometal degassing (this is the name given to the evaporation of ice that comets suffer when passing near the Sun), but there was no comet tail around Oummau. In addition, this degassing process had to lead to a variation in the spin period, something that was not discovered. So, if it was not the comet tasting, what could cause its excessive acceleration?

Oummouwa can be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth.

The superfluous acceleration of Oumuamua is somewhat disturbing and has been found in many moments. According to our observations, those we published in paper (scientific paper) in The Astrophysical Journal Letters last month, we offer this that strange acceleration is due to the impulse (not warming) of the sun's radiationNow, in order for the sunlight to be connected to the observed acceleration, the Oumuamua must be less than a millimeter thick, but a dozen meters. (H. of P: We know it is approximately 800 meters long and 80 meters wide).

space canvasSo, what is the origin of Oumuamua? One of the possibilities is that the object is a light sail that floats in the interstellar space where the Solar System unfolds as a ship that hits a buoy on the surface of the ocean. The candle's light is a candle pressed forward as it reflects the light. In fact, the Space Telescope has observed it for more than 30 hours and has not found any heat emission from Oumuamua. This is a feature that shows that its surface is cold and highly reflective. If the reflection is high, the size of the target is reduced from several hundred meters to several tens of meters. In my opinion, Oumuamua may be an outdated technological loss of equipment, which is not clear whether they are still working or no longer working. Could it be? Radio astronomy observatories failed to detect their transmission at a power level of more than one-tenth of a cell phone.

Alternatively, if a more exotic scenario arises, Oummuna may be a fully operational probe sent deliberately to Earth. Alien probe.

Summit. Loeb with colleagues and Stephen Hawking, who once warned of ET.

Summit. Loeb with colleagues and Stephen Hawking, who once warned of ET.

Sherlock Holmes. My approach to the puzzling properties of this cosmic object is purely scientific and evidence-based. I can say I follow Detective Sherlock Holmes's maxim: "When you turn off the impossible, what remains – not as likely as it may be – must be the truth."

I think looking ahead, we have to look for other unknown objects in the sky. Objects like Oummoura. This search will look like my favorite activity when I visit the beach with my daughters: check the shells moved from the oceanNot all shells are the same, and similarly, only part of the interstellar objects can be technological remains of extraterrestrial civilizations. That is why we need to look at everything that comes into the solar system from interstellar space. This is the only way to conclude the true nature of Omumam and other objects of his mysterious population.

Interesting evidence It is interesting to live in a time when we have scientific technology to look for evidence of foreign civilizations. Evidence for Oumuamua is not convincing, but interesting. What we observed from its characteristics and behavior made us assume it could be a light candle produced by a foreign civilization.

Of course, I accept other suggestions with satisfaction, but I can not think of another explanation for the particular acceleration observed in OmumavaThe assumption that it can be a candle produced by a foreign civilization has a foundation. Our own civilization is currently engaged in the development of lightweight technology. For example, the Japanese IKAROS project has already demonstrated the principle of the solar canvas and is being developed to achieve the goal of achieving high speed through the Starshot project developed by the Foundation Breakthrough Award, where I chair the Consultative Council.

That's why it seems to me that it is possible for a civilization more advanced than ours to routinely use this technology, and that this use was a source of Oummau-like space debris.

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