Saturday , June 19 2021

The hot shot of Flor Peña in bed

Flor Peña took advantage of the cloudy day to make "fiaca" and she was very sensual in a photo she shared on her account at Instagram.

Lugo to finish his vacation, Flor Penya He returned to work and used his spare time to rest and shortly before going to the theater. This time she shared a photo that seemed very sensual, where she wrote that she was doing the "stick".

The actress left her days in the Caribbean or New York to return to Argentina to do her job. She is currently starring in the play "Los vecinos on top" with Diego Pereti, Rafael Ferro and Juliet Valina, but she is also very active on social networks.

A few days ago he was with his friend Marley, where he shared photographs of the cohabitation between his youngest son Felipe and Mirko.

Now Flor Penya has raised the temperature in the nets with his latest photo showing the super sensual struggle with the gloomy day in Buenos Aires and a break before heading off to the theater to fulfill the function of the job.

The blonde accompanied the picture with the following message: – Baby Friday. #fire ",

Feast, sensuality and skin mode: Flor Peña and a very hot shot

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