Thursday , May 13 2021

The human brain has previously revealed an unknown structure

В мозгу человека выжили ранее неизвестную structure

The human brain has found an unknown structure so far. It is located in the small cerebral cerebral structure, near the place where the brain connects with the spinal cord.

The structure, called the endothelium core, is related to the area that receives sensor and motor information from the body. This affects your position, coordination and movement, according to

Perhaps the endothelized nucleus, a group of neurons, plays an important role in this process. But to make definitive conclusions about its purpose before, experts say.

"The poor brain stem can be compared to a river carrying information from the spinal cord and brainstem in the cereal, and the core's endorectomy is an island in that river," says the discovery of his author, neurologist Georgi Paxinos, from the Australian Institute of Research.

Find a structure managed through an innovative method using coloring elements. It allows clear distribution of different neuronal groups according to their function.

Interestingly, such individuals as the endothelial nucleus have not yet been found in animals, especially primates. Scientists have assumed that the structure may be responsible for subtle motor skills – so the monkey will not learn to play the guitar as a man.

Researchers intend to learn more, study the human brain using MRI, and compare it to the chimpanzee body (they are considered to be the closest kinsmen of man).

Earlier, it has been reported that large-scale DNA testing indicates that it accelerates the evolution of modern humans.


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