Monday , June 14 2021

The index released this Thursday's inflation data for January

on National Statistical Institute and Censuses (Indec) published on Thursday official inflation data in January. According to some estimates published by private consultants, the percentage is about 2.5% and 2.7%.

The organization he / she is doing Jorge Todezka, confirm that in 2018 inflation reached 47.6%, the highest figure in 27 years; over 38.5% in 2014 and 40.9% in 2002 after exiting convertibility.

In a report by the Statistics Institute of Workers (OSI), it is noted that for the first month of the year inflation was 2.7%, while in the past months the prices increased by 48.7%. In addition, the report emphasizes that January is the tenth consecutive month with two percent inflation.

In turn, a study by Orlando Ferreres y Asociados, January inflation is 2.5% per month. Similarly, the assessment of the consultant Ellipse, which publishes a forecast for inflation for the first month of the year and coincides with the figure of 2.5%.

This week Indec officially presented industry-related data that reflects the critical moment the sector is going through. According to the enterprise, in December industry with 56.6% of installed capacity, the lowest level since July 2002

The report shows that almost half of the country's industrial infrastructure is paralyzed. Similarly, in industries such as textiles and automotive, the situation deteriorates and inactivity levels reach 65%. Faced with this situation, the various sectors remain vigilant.

"We continue with high interest rates, continue with tax pressure, with the high energy costs today, all of which make the situation of the sector increasingly critical, and each time it has an impact on purchasing power," said Daniel Rosato, president of Industrial Pymes Argentinos IPA).

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