Thursday , July 29 2021

The Japanese probe Hayabusa 2 bombed an asteroid to open a crater

The Japanese probe Hayabusa 2 managed to open a crater in a remote asteroid to take samples, according to a Thursday, a Japanese aerospace agency said on Thursday that a space mission of this type was completed for the first time.

Those responsible for the Japanese mission confirmed that the surface of the asteroid Ryugu it was "clearly altered" by the shells fired on the 5th day of the hinged arm separated from the plane.

Before and after the crater was discovered.

The probe can confirm the success of this phase of its mission by approaching the asteroid and capturing the surface, according to a press conference by Yichiy Zuda, an associate professor at Aviation Agency, who added that for the first time in the history of space travel an open crater was artificially opened.

Over the next few weeks, the probe will carry out a "Cracker Investigation Survey", collecting surface materials and others that have been scattered after the Hayabusa2 shot on the surface of Ryuguwhere there are conditions close to weightlessness.

Ryugu It is 340 million kilometers away from the Earth and it is believed that its surface contains the remains of coal and water formed during the birth of the solar system about 4,600 million years ago, which can provide clues to the formation of planets and the origin of life.

Hayabusa 2 landed in February Ryugu after having traveled 3,200 million kilometers around the Sun in an elliptical orbit for more than three years, and having reached the asteroid last June, and have remained suspended for about 20 kilometers from its surface since then.

In addition, the probe landed last year's three small rivers on Ryugu to collect additional samples, and plans to test new landings before returning to our planet where it is expected to arrive by the end of 2020.


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