Thursday , July 29 2021

The last train of Centurión – 26.02.09

Ricardo Senturion's case is strange: it seems that everyone wants it, but nobody takes responsibility. There is no doubt about what Ricky can do to court. The memory of the first semester of 2018, in which he was vital to the race with goals and imbalances, opposes his constant indiscipline, those who marginalize him from the professional team at the decision of Eduardo Coude and send him to the Tita Reserve ".

This Saturday will expire for the teams that run the Libertadores group stage to register players in their lists in good faith.It will be crucial that Ricky and those who run his career determine what his future will be before that date, otherwise he will be unemployed by the middle of the year (Viktor Blanko publicly confirms that the midfielder will not play again, while the coach is Cue.).

Until a few days ago, the only opportunity was Godody Cruz. "There were polls, but Ricardo's theme is ours, we will see how we develop, what is best for him and the race, we will not be inconveniences." Tomba's research is about Copa Libertadores, "Miguel Jimenez said. , Deputy of the Academy, in an interview with La Oral Deportiva. The plan was to retreat by the middle of the year to take the next market to assess the steps to be followed.

Since Mendoza's team did not materialize, another alternative quickly emerged: Rosario Central. "If Centurion is likely to come, we need to analyze it," said President Di Pollina at La Red, although he also stopped to clarify that "there is still nothing". And as a third alternative, a team from abroad appears. Atletico Paranance? He had it on the radar, but there was no call to the cylinder.

At the same time, Ricky continues his studies at the Fleitas Reserve. After the victory in Avellaneda's classic against Indpendenden, Vachitourro preferred to stay away: there were no stories and nothing like that. The last train is about to pass. Will it continue?

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