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The Lotus 280 million winner in Lotus appeared: how he plans to spend the money

After several days of uncertainty, the $ 280 million lottery winner was presented on Friday with his ticket, and the San Luis Lottery confirmed the award. Although the man wants to keep his identity in reserve, he is superior to that 60-year-old retiree who does not even have a homea. After the concessions imposed by the law, the man will rise $ 204 million, a figure that represents the second highest prize paid in Argentina.

"Among the priorities to take advantage of such a budget, he told us this wants to buy his first house and his first car because he never had his own house or car. He dreamed of a family house and traveled to a beach, "says Lucas Bafeti, manager of Lotería puntana.

He also noted that he has never won any prize in his life at the moment He lives in a rented house.

The lucky man learned that he had won one day after the draw, which happened last Saturday. – He told us he knew about his luck by a family member who consulted with him if the numbers that appeared in the news were the ones he chose and then converted the number of the bet on number until they realize the big prize. Baffeti.

The winning coupon numbers were 34 – 02 – 31 – 10 – 05 – 13 and jackpots 3 and 8 And the agency selling it has a commission of 1%. The coupon value is $ 40 and was purchased at the "La Buena Onda" agency, located at 500 San Martin Boulevard in the center of the province's capital.

Lotto's record came out on July 2, 2017, when the winner who made his bet on the 2300th street in Venezuela, in the Buenos Aires district of Balvana, received a 532,417,986 penny for the 4, 11, 15 , 19, 28 and 35 and the two Jackpots (2 and 7) in desquite mode.

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