Tuesday , June 15 2021

The Magic Passage of Tom Brady and Gronkowski Catch: the play that defines Super Bowl LIII

It was not one of the most remarkable performances of Tom Brady, who became the player with the most rings in history. He had a very short first half, despite the good defense of his team during the ball. It was accurate, but it did not hurt him. Until the last quarter, marshal in the field Patriots of New England determine the fate of Super Bowl LIII,

They were more than 45 minutes in Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Los Angeles Rams they had tied the game (3-3). There was that Tom Brady threw a fantastic pass to connect with Rob Gronkowski, together they drew the game that completely changed the games.

This release of Brady left Pats one step from the first landing of the match, After this great connection of the legendary Defender with "Gronk" it was Sony Michelle who scored landing which again put the patriots on the dashboard. And finally they took the 13-3 victory to celebrate their sixth championship,

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