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The main goal of Alberto F. – 21.05.2019

The goals of Alberto Fernandez's candidacy are two: to achieve the unity of Peronism in order to win in the first round of the October elections and, therefore, Free Court Judgment on Christina Kirchner, an ambitious vice president. Both are clear goals, and Fernandez has revealed them publicly and privately. Immediately afterwards, Felipe Solla and Agustin Rossi, two of the presidential candidates who were at the disposal of the former president's tactics have fallen. They remain available,

More important were the conversations Alberto found with the Peronian governors, some of them engaging – or in a word – with the Federal Alternative. Apparently, Schiaretti's distinctive speech, after his triumph in Cordoba, prompted Alberto to this phone marathon (with Mansour, for example, he talks 20 minutes on Saturday night) to attract governors. Other operators, close to Fernandez, accompanied the offensive of the new candidate to the leaders of the IP.

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At the same time there a tour de force for Sergio Massa to compete in this space, leaving its allies to the Federal Alternative, or to be a candidate in the formula of the Fernandes-Kirchner province.

The analyst was yesterday Tuesday: if Sergio goes with Alberto, it's mat.

Mass has, to date, at least increased its political cost and resisted (or negotiated) treatment because it feared that these gestures were poisonous candy for your political future.

This rush to unify the governors is intended to limit Schiaretti, who ensures that his political project and that of his allies not with Macri, but not with Christina, confirming that the Federal Alternative will continue with its plan to present itself as the Third Way.

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Peronism intends to try to win in the first round to avoid the end of the vote, again, defeating it as in 2015.

Here comes the second and most important purpose of this move by Christina.

Alberto has not been deprived of this if he comes to the government will try to review the investigations and proceedings against Christina KirchnerHe showed that he had arrived at the Court when he tried to stop the oral hearing that began on Tuesday, and failed, because the organizers of the dossier – Rossatti, Hayton, Makeda and Lorenzeti – they sniffed the bad weather and they stopped.

Alberto pointed to the two judges. First, before a candidate is anointed; the other, then the increased power against Ercolini, Bonadio, Irruzun, Hornos and Gignanni.

He did not explain how he would do it if he arrived at Casa Rosada but the threat was left floatingThis is the political pressure that Amado Boudou speaks of, recommending that the cassation judges take into account the new political climate. This means that those who criticize judges for their harmony with Makri promise to get a hand to justify the now convicted (like the former vice president).

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So, what does one policy do, another cancels it. This is the dynamics of this move.

The intention to give this is so obvious immunity or impunity of Christina (No one spoke of the other members of the alleged corrupt network in prison) that former Kirchners accountant dared to say that what is being prepared is pardon if Alberto Fernandez arrives at Casa Rosada.

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