Friday , January 22 2021

The merits of Jimena Baron in the dance of Lucia Perez's mother and the fight of women: "My shame, my sadness and my anger with patriarchal justice"

In the night, charged with sensitivity on the dance floor of the homogeneous rhythm, Jimena Baron raised the flag of women's fight against gender-based violence He dedicated emotional words to Martha, Lucia Perez's mother,

After paying homage to Aretha Franklin, the baron explained that she was dancing with a green dress to bow the fight of NiUnaMenos and the thousands of women who walked this morning from Plaza de Mayo to the courtsto reconsider the decision of Mar del Plata's Criminal Court No. 1, which left the death of a young woman murdered in this city impartially,

– And, on the other hand, Marcea, forever, I made this little green dress, Maria Vilarino, which I wanted for that, I chose Areta Franklin because of it, because a little of my footprint and my stamps are strong, brave women, so Mars was my choice and I want to dedicate it tonight, I thought we'd break it, all the women and all the people who left yesterday for March, "she said.

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"I mean, I'm deeply excited about what's going on, going out and fighting for what's going on, Not Not Minus. My shame, my sadness and my anger with patriarchal justice, who justifies the fertilizers of Lucia Perez because it is a femicide, "he added.

"So Martha, the mother who fights for it, with all of us, can not be, but I am today and I am always, because it is a struggle that has begun and will not end. That is why we dedicate this to Martha, "he concluded.

"Indeed, a great kiss to Martha, which yesterday told Victoria Donda, I would like to meet her, a really big kiss, Martha's fight is incredible, and yesterday's movement that was unbelievably resolved by justice for this femicide is truly amazing. as the justice decides, which causes great outrage. So all our love for Martha and I hope you meet her next week"I really want to chat with her for a while," said an excited Marcello Tinnelli.

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