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The Messiah's hockey complaint in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

Who wants to be a millionaire? again generates a reflection on social networks from a participant's appeal. A young woman said Lionel Messi had blocked her at Instagram and uncovered unusual reasons.

MaryA law student and a hockey student said her idol had seen her posts on the social network.

"I played hockey and before games I upload stories at Instagram and show it. After a while, I figured out that his "seen", I tried five or six pictures and the same thing happened. These were depictions of a club coat or of previous games, nothing at all, "explained Maria to Santiago del Moro's surprising gaze.

The end was not the best: "One day I wanted to get him out and he did not appear to take me, he blocked me." The driver joked: "She said she was mad, sails, what does she do?" Is not the woman out of jealousy? We are facing world class news, if so.

Young woman Lionel Messi is blocking at Instagram

"I do not know," said Celeste, who once again praised the striker of Barcelona.

As an anecdote, Maria started playing and responding well to the first questions, but when she reached $ 30,000, Del Moro asked her: "What are the fans of the European football team called" culés "?" She replied, "Those of Juventus." Obviously, I was not so fanatical and I was left without a reward from the Telefe cycle.

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