Tuesday , June 15 2021

The most exciting game is played

San Lorenzo and independent will play today at 17:30 on their match on the 17th day of Argentine Football Super League, in what will be the most attractive meeting of the whole weekend. You will see two coaches with different optics, but both have enough positive results to place them among the country's top technical directors. The game will be played in Pedro Bidegain Stadium with the Diego Abal,

Both teams have different goals for what remains of this local tournament, Cicln aims to generate as many points as possible to climb more in the table as it is in position 23 with 14 points and can try is ranked for some of the international cup, Godi Cruz de Mendoza is the team that is in the last position that gives a direct ticket to Kopa Sudamerika with 23 units.

On the red side the priorities are different as it seeks to qualify for Copa Libertadores next year, although this is not an easy task as it is six points away from the position where you can play at the international competition. most importantly in South America.

Jorge Almirn decided to make three changes to those who came to lose against defense and justice, the incomes of Torico, Herrera and Colocin, there was no place in the first team Fernando Moneti, Gustavo Torres and Gonzalo Roduez. Therefore, the eleventh eleven, which will be on the court, will be: Sebastian Torrico; Marcelo Erera, Fabricio Coloccini, Marcos Senesei and Gabriel Rohas; Gino Perucci, Fernando Belusky, Ral Loaiza and Ruben Botta; Hctor Frtoli and Nicols Blandy,

From the side of Ariel HollandDo not confirm the composition as you wait for Franco and Over to know whether they can play as a starting point or not, but their places include Burdiso and Gejbor. With these two doubts, the possible team to represent Ariel in San Lorenzo will be: Marten Kampaa; Fabrice Bustos, Alan Franco or bill Bourdiso, Emanuel Britez and Gust Silva; Pablo Over or Fernando Gaibor, Francisco Silva and Pablo Erdzez; March Benz, Silvio rosemary and Ezequiel Cerutti,

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