Sunday , June 20 2021

The municipality confirmed seven cases of indigenous dengue in the southern part of the city

The municipal health secretary, Leonardo Carouana, confirmed this morning that the first seven indigenous dengue cases were recorded in the southern zone of the city.

"Last week, we had consultations with people with symptoms consistent with dengue-related diseases, and the final diagnosis is dengue without a history of the journey," Carouana describes. Detection was seen as part of a blocking operation in search for febrile cases.

Carouana confirmed Capital that the seven autochthonous cases recorded typical symptoms of muscle pains in the eyes and in the head, but after they were visited they developed favorably.

protocol, In dialogue with "Zysman 830"on The eight The official explained that when a case was opened, a blocking protocol was triggered with the areas of the public services, the municipal and provincial health teams, the GUM and the Civil Defense.

There is the blockade of the nine apples around the house of these people to search for febrile cases, analyze, use repellents and isolate these people with fever.

temperature, "This is a year of intense heat and increased rainfall," explains Carouana when he seeks an explanation for the emergence of these autochthonous cases.

He said these factors "together with the epidemiological reality of more than four Argentine provinces and in Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil, we have the first case that was fun in its outward appearance."

Carouana warned that dengue originated from the interminable way, for which he urged neighbors to carry out preventive tasks. For example, eliminating possible water reservoirs after rain when mosquitoes can be reproduced.

What we are doing now is to give priority to prevention, to end the blockade with weekly reviews and to work on prevention, which means that if there are flu-like symptoms without a cold, it is recommended to use a repellent, consult with a doctor, isolate and suspect dengue. laboratory analysis is done in Cemar, "he added.

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