Thursday , July 29 2021

The new Falcon 9 release will bring the statue into space

This statue has a length of 30 meters and will reflect the natural light of our star

Fernanda Sánchez

Since a Elon Musk It occurred to him to launch into space the Tesla Roadster which was manned by mannequins dressed like astronauts. We know two things: that Musk is truly an eccentric person and that basically he really wants to send something more memorable than a rocket into space; that's why we don't miss any support SpaceX give artist Trevor Paglen so that one of the sculptures orbits space.

This is about "Orbital Reflector" a statue in the form of an elongated diamond or sword with a surface that can reflect the natural light of our stars. This statue is 30 meters in size and was built by artists in collaboration with the Nevada Museum of Art.

How will it reach space?

Here is interesting: the statue will bend until it reaches the size of the brick and then it will be introduced in the CubeSat which will be attached to the rocket SpaceX Falcon 9. This rocket launch will take place on 19 November.

After being in space, the statue will stretch as far as 563 km above Earth. Apparently the reflecting brightness can be seen without problems by the human eye. Two months after showing its splendor, it will begin to absorb until it is finally attracted by the Earth's gravitational force.

This is how Orbital Reflector will be seen in space

This is not the first time Paglen has interacted with space, because in 2012 he released The Last Pictures, a silicone album with a series of photos of the Earth in the hope that some extraterrestrials could meet him and know how to live. on our planet.

Nor is it the first time the statue has orbited space. At the beginning of 2018 this company Rocket Lab secretly sending statues in geodesic spheres Star of Humanity Peter Beck (CEO of Rocket Lab), provoked endless opinion among the scientific community.

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