Sunday , January 17 2021

The new kayak hot spot offers cast and excitement


The northern pine dam on the north side of Brisbane has opened a new part of the kayaking dam lake and the reports are great.

Bass and lilac dominated in the reports, but several of them appeared.

Discharging and pulling heavy rolls near the edge is a popular technique.

Fishermen get the bigger bass a little deeper into the steeper banks jumping Jackall Tn60 or heavily weighted three-inch Keitech plastics.

A slow roll is everything you need when the bass and the brownish are chewing gum as they were.

Wivenhoe Dam also produces goods at the edges and a great place to take children.

Trolley deep diving baits around more steep banks and weeds edges you will see, you are hooked up to bass and lilac.

If you want to work with baits, focus your attention on the same areas and cast soft vibrations such as Mask 60 on Jackall or the bats and slowly catch them on the boat.

Work by luring all the way back to the boat, since lilac likes to follow baits for a while before it strikes them.

In the bay, both school and mackerel are quite common from the beacons near Moreton Island and around Harry Atkinson Reef.

Following the birds and attracting metal baits, the fish is fun and productive.

However, trolley deep divers or metal spoons around the reefs and beacons can work when the fish are a bit queer.

In the southern bay, the grassy sweep is chewing around the Pelay Island and the island of Koza early in the morning.

Tides do not seem to play much of a roll, and fishermen catch their bags at both tidal waves.

Small soft plastics processed around the reef are a great method of capturing these difficult battleflies.

I'm sure that with this method you will encounter a huge range of interceptions.

If you want to haunt them with a bait, a long strip of squid is ideal as it will move around in the stream and attract their attention.

Charlton's fishing is in Redbank.

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