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The New Usain Bolt? The little athlete who is angry at social networks because of his speed

13 February 2019

Only 7 years ago Rudolf Ingrey flew the track and has more than 300,000 followers at Instagram.

Only 7 years, the little ones Rudolph "Blaze" Ingham breaks his way into the world of athletics and revolutionized social networks for their speed. So much so that many have already started comparing it with the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.

This little athlete really vHe gets on the track and stops showing it. In a race last weekend, Ingram, known by the nickname "Blazing" ("Shining" or "Flare"), He outstripped 60 meters at 8.69, and in a 100-meter test he won another impressive record for his age of 13.48In fact, despite his young age, he has already accumulated many medals as a runner.

Rudolf was born in Tamoa, Florida, but thanks to his efforts and accomplishments, his figure has already crossed borders. Even in your Instagram account where you share photos and videos, already exceeds 300,000 followers.


It should be noted that the speed of the little one also allows him to distinguish himself from other disciplines such as football where he is due his great dexterity, his rivals find no way to stop him. Thanks to this sport, the boy jumped to glory. It happens that social networks burn when only six years he uploads a video that plays football and makes some dribbling to the other children in the park that leave the spectators silent.

on small athletes are 91 cm in size and weigh 21 kg but just look at your torso to realize it is a miracle in the world of sportEven his father is a football coach, and Rudolf practically trains every day since he was born.

We will have to wait a few years to see how he triumphs in the world of sport on a professional level.

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