Tuesday , September 28 2021

The one before: transit was intense, walking far to enter and mapuche rock

With the last light of the day the first chords of the night were heard at the Ciudad de La Plata Stadium: Puel Kona, the first opening act of Roger Waters's recital in La Plata, appeared on stage at 8:15, one hour before the Englishman presented the evening main course that.

At that time, the stadium looked almost complete: although the field would continue to appear until Roger was in the cattery, the rest of the sector was full, with people sitting, combing many gray hair, many without gray hair to comb, waiting to revive some the most surprising music of his adolescence since 16, the opening time of the door.

When the public arrives early, it may be afraid of the number on Autopista from cars returning from work in the Capital with those going to the Stadium (traffic towards 20 is very intense) but access is calm, though, as in every recital held at 25 and 32 district, there was no shortage of complaints regarding walking long before entering the enclosure: the luckiest entered 20 and 32, after walking four blocks outside the giant and three or four blocks to access their location; the less fortunate must go around the stadium to enter. Club Los Tilos official parking lot, at 522 and 21, far from all of these options.

Some fans complained about another situation which also happened yesterday when people interested in taking differential services from the West Line to the Stadium departing from the Terminal, were unable to do so due to protests by a group of taxi drivers consisting of blocking. Exit units that are destined for that purpose, result in cancellation of service.

During the pre-recital, the Municipality, together with the Department of Coexistence and Control of Citizens and local police officers, conducted preventative operations around the stadium, which reportedly seized 17 stalls and 43 violations that could be punished. During operations, stalls and shops that sell alcohol are closed, which is prohibited in this type of mass event.

In artistic terms, Puel Kona heated up the night with his proposal to combine elements of native culture (they sang in Mapuche) with rock, ska and hip hop and political slogans (they opened night songs for the Palestinian struggle and raised applause when calling to protect the megaminería nature ), and although the audience, eager for music, was initially enthusiastic, both to applaud them and share political slogans launched, it was quickly distracted by gastronomic proposals, which included everything from classic hamburgers, $ 200, to bondiola with potatoes to criolla, for $ 320. This is refreshing, strong winds are blowing which seem to announce rain, and the bodies must be heated.

After thanking Waters for allowing them to show that the Mapuche people were "not enemies" (they closed their brief set to sing that "the problem is not us" and fired on the government, antiterrorist law, "capitalito" and the media) and To raise applause when remembering Santiago Maldonado, Puel Kona closes at 20:45. Even though for Roger Waters, programmed for 21, it does not characterize this time the accuracy of English, which was delayed by 20 minutes more than expected to go to the scene.

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