Monday , June 14 2021

"The respiratory isolation" of the Hantavirus has no predecessors in the world

Health referrals have warned that selective respiratory isolation, a tax to try to fight the outbreak hantavirus in the area of ​​Chubut, it has no predecessors in the world. According to the Deputy Director of the Program area, Esquel, Jorge Elasthe situation is followed by the attention of researchers from different countries.

He said that within the scientific community "nothing was written" about such a situation, so researchers and health care professionals had to isolate people with the intention of stopping the outbreak.

In this context, the health officer explained to Tlam that the isolation situation was generated as the hypothesis of human-to-human infection was confirmed. The epithelium of the hantavirus epicenter is in Epuyn Researchers believe that the spread occurred during a 15-year birthday.

According to the explanations, the "zero case" would be a rural worker who attended the event without knowing that he was the virus and had the first cases of infection. At the same table where the man of the party was, three more positive cases were registered, and there were people infected at the next table.

Since December 3, about 11 people have lost their lives in Epuyn, a product of long-distance rat transmission. While the number of people infected with the disease in Patagonia was 32, all of the same boat.

In Chubut, 101 patients are now in isolation: 39 in Euphin, 33 in El Mathin, one in El Hoyo, one in Choilla, 12 in Eskel, four in Lago Puelo and nine in Treveline. It is also necessary to add two cases that remain isolated in their homes in Chubut, Komodoro Rivadavia, about 700 kilometers from the epicenter of the hearth.

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