Saturday , January 16 2021

The San Diego Tragedy: The baby was crushed by an elevator chronicle

A two-month-old baby has lost his life, crushed by a lift, caught between the doors of the building's cabin, located in the Buenos Aires district of San Telmo.

PFA firefighters traveled to the scene of the incident in Cale Bolivar 1170, and discovered that this creature had closed between the seventh and eighth floors.

The victim was immediately transferred to Pena Hospital, but doctors could not save him.

According to sources, the 38-year-old mother, who was with her daughter in a cart, called the elevator and when he was about to get on, another person on the 8th floor also requested the device there. was when the unit closed the car against the roof.

The rescuers who arrived at the place managed to unlock the elevator and take out the captured baby by being able to check with the same staff that was lifeless.

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