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The scene of Arya and Gendry is one of the best in the series – Game of Thrones – This is Spoiler Time!

Last Sunday Playing thrones He gave us a scene that gave us enough to talk. Of course, we mean the meeting between Aria Stark and Gendry Baratheon, Shippeados from the first seasons they finally fulfilled their romance that night, which seemed like a calm before the storm.

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Although it is one of the fans most desired by fans, the scene causes some shocks and discomfort. Curiously, in a series that has always had a great sexual charge, this is what causes so many disputes. Is it hard to see Arya p Gendry this, for example, Jon and Daeneryswho are relatives?

It is true that Arya She grew up on the screen, but it was more than clear that I was no longer a girl. Young sharp she was mature enough to survive all the difficulties and not only that, but also became a killer who knew how to avenge his own by making the flesh the phrase "The North remembers".

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Of course, he had doubts about the hero's age. while Macy Williams, the actress who gives life AryaHe has 22 years, the age of which he represents is a mystery. Was he older than him so he could agree on a sexual relationship? GendryObviously she is older than her and more experienced.

Given these doubts, HBO He came to his aid by publishing tweet before the episode, where they talked about a list of things to do when they had it 18 years in which it is mentioned Aria Stark It was uncontested.

Then age is eliminated as an excuse for discomfort. In a series where we've seen, for example, a Tommen Baratheon / Lannister (who was far more innocent and boyish) to have a relationship Margaret Tyrell, Arya is out of this story to have, obviously, 18 years, and, as an adult, to decide to spend what may be his last night in the world with which he has a relationship Gendry,

It should also be noted that Arya He chose as a companion the man he was always attracted to. And not only that, but also who also believes. The experience we have gathered has united them for a long time. Also, before going to bed with him, Arya asks for his past and his identity, so he finally discovers this Gendry is a bastard Robert Barateon and that he was abused by him Melissandra, The Red Woman, who stripped him out of his will and tortured him to receive his blood.

Faced with this story, Arya responds by returning power Gendry, The phrase "Take off your own pants, I'm not The Red Woman" not only shows how much I have been solved Arya, but also how much you respect the person you have. she he will not strip him against his will Melissandra, gives him room to do it alone, if he so wishes.

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Not only Gendry he claims his right over his body, the same Arya Experience this experience the same way. Young sharp He spent seven seasons running, fighting for his life, denying his identity and even his sex, mistreated and blind. Before he faces the cruelest enemy that exists, he takes time to gather with his body and desire.

In conclusion, the sex scene between Arya and Gendry It may be surprising, but when analyzed, it appears to be one of the most successful and healthy of all Playing thrones: it did not involve any kind of violence or incest, but only two inexperienced young people who are also one of the biggest you shippeadas for fans community,

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