Thursday , May 13 2021

The sentence of Laurita Fernandez, who fired a huge fight with Mika Vikonnette: "There is a great lack of self-criticism"

The panelist was annoyed by the return of the jury and entered a new round Showmatch,

Mika Vikoconte and Laurita Fernandez met at

Far from making a truce, war keeps you Laurita Fernandez and Mika Vikonine still climbs. Once again, the former struggle He was disturbed by the jury's return after dancing the bachata and ended with another sharp back and forth.

Laura: "I've been here for many years without testing for 6 o'clock, 12 o'clock, I think there's a lot of self-criticism, but I will not give you any more technical remarks if she says I'm looking for the egg's hair.

"There is an effort behind this, and that's not worth a bit … I'm not coming here to say I'm hurt, or I'm coming here and wanting to be replaced," Mika worried after the jury agreed she was not his choreography went well, and Laura's reflection was that he had missed the "hip movement". The jurors then came out to overcome it.

"I've been here for many years, rehearsing not 6 hours, 12 hours. I think there is a lot of self-criticism, but I will not give him more technical returns if he says he's looking for his hair"I put the note and it's over," Laurita began, challenging Mika's strong reaction. – I do not understand. You can kill me and I can not say what I think! I did not complain about the workload, do not be confused, "he said.

Mika: "You've eaten a banana and you've gotten … Moral classes, no, you say you do not become a victim of yourself and these 10 years have been Heidi Plakahat, you talked about your love … Do you understand there is files?

– You're a victim. The important thing is the result, I do not care about the number of hours they rehearse, "continued the bride. Nicholas Cabre and the participants You're wrong He was not abandoned. – You have eaten a banana and you have drawn. Moral lessons, no! "He said," You say you do not sacrifice yourself, and these ten years have been Heidi, you're crying, you're talking about your love, do you understand that there are files? "Archive," he began.

The discussion was in crescendo and Laurita continued to say she would not give the participants any more returns. "Always highlight the dancers, and here most of us who are finalists are not," Mikkaela roared, angry. New Circle!

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