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The series ended in Rosario: The Lion fell in the Central after six games

All Chino Benitez lost 2: 1 to Fernando Zampardi and Washington Kamacho. Albertengo noted the discount. Estudiantes ended one less because of the expulsion of Ivan Gomes

The meeting of the students ended in Rosario. Chino Benitez's team, who won six defeat games, did not have a good match at Arroyo Giantante after the end of the match and fell 2-1 in the hands of the local team.

The Leon showed a poor performance, which was highlighted after the expulsion of Ivan Gömez. The students failed to overcome the lack of the steering wheel, which with a double warning saw the red when they were 40 minutes in the first half.

The goals of the game were Fernando Zampardi's 13 minutes in the first half and Camacho's 35th in Washington DC. Lucas Alberta scored the rebate five minutes after the end. And although the Skinny target triggered a reaction on the part of the team, it was not enough to tie it.

Pincha had several arrivals in the first half, though not so clear. With 4 minutes played, Facundo Sánchez made a good effort at breaking through on the left, but the home team's left defense cleared the ball to a corner. His shot came in from the well paid trail, as Albertengo broke through.

Three minutes later, the same Albertengo received from the cat and slipped into the area but was touched behind by Paro and seemed criminal, but Judge Ecuador decided to ignore it

The 9 local arrived with Camacho center that Zampedri nodded over the crossbar, worrying about his teammate Ruben. By the age of 13 Zampardi took advantage of the center of Bettini, who defeated Lucas Rodriguez on the right and helped the front to score 1-0 in the heart of the area.

El Pincha, who was no less competitive in terms of ball control, managed to respond in the 29th minute with a free kick by Gata Fernandez, who died in the hands of goalkeeper Leedsma.

At the age of 37, El Canalla tested from a distance from Federico Carrizo, but the shot climbed and was lost over the crossbar. Another bad news for the lion came at 40 when Ivan Güzes saw the second yellow and left the team with ten, remaining five minutes before the end of the first act.

In one of the last half of the first half, Leo made a foul with Fabián Noguera, who crossed the crossbar after a new cross by Facundo Sánchez. But he also had the second headquarters headed by Kamacho, who was approaching the right post when Anujar was thrown out of a crash with Ruben.

After that, the local judge burned the end of the initial phase, which was rather weak. Pincha had some space to take advantage of, but he lacked a bigger connection and a complicated game from the middle to be able to hurt the opponent.

In the appendix, at 4, the place was again. Camacho came in from the right, but Andújar managed to save the ball to a corner. From that angle Ruben almost caught him, who defeated Sanchez high, but nodded loudly.

Chino Benitez decided to move the bench in the 11th minute by entering Mathias Pellegrini (he returned after a month of inaction) to Gaston Fernandez in order to try to get more pepper to attack.

But Rosario was the owner of the ball, and Pincha noticed Gomez's absence at the center of the round. The team found it hard to recover and even more to generate chances of dreaming about equality. The Kamacho tried to get out of the area, but Annuar frowned back up the stairs and controlled the shot.

The second attempt of a technician at Albirovo was the entrance of Francisco Apaolaza from Nahuel Estevez. Magdalena stood next to Lucas Alberta and the team continued to have two well-defined points to go in search of a draw.

And in the 31st minute, Leo was near a good head from Noguera after a quiet ball that was thrown into the left pillar of the door, defended by Ayala.

But at 34, the locals were able to return to top. Kamacho, who was several times close, put his head behind the center of Paro and put 2 to 0 in the giant.

The lion did not take off his hands and turned to the grotto to find the discount and find it. After a drive that included one shot of the drum, Albertengo found him in the penalty spot and with popcorn, he put 1-2. However, this raised did not reach Estudiantes to be able to tie him and he has cut an unbeatable six games.


Rosario Central: Jeremiah Ledesma; Gonzalo Bettini, Marcello Ortiz, Oscar Cabezas and Alfonso Paro; Washington Camacho, Pedro Ogeda, Leonardo Gil and Federico Carizzo; Fernando Zampardi and Marko Ruben. DR: Edgardo Bausa.

students: Mariano Andyouar; Facundo Sanchez, Jonathan Shunke, Fabian Nogueira and Fernando Evangelista; Naveel Estevez, Ivan Gumez, Franco Sieve and Lucas Rodriguez; Lucas Alberta and Gaston Fernandez. DM: Leandro Benitez.

Objectives: PT 13 Zampedri (RC); 35 & Camacho (RC); 41 & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; Alberta (E)

Changes: ST, 11 'Pellegrini by G. Fernandez (E); 20 & apos; Apaolaza for Estévez (E); 33 'Ruben Lover (RC); 39 Gómez from Ojda (RC); 41 & Luguercio by the Evangelist (E); 46 "Beer from Cariso (RC)

Featured: I. Gómez, Schunke (E); Cabezas, Ortiz, Zampedri, Camacho (RC)

Incidents: PT 40 "Ejected Ivan Gumze (E) for a double reprimand.

Referees: Pablo Equivaire.
Stadium: Giant de Arroito.

TV: TNT SPORTS (Codified)

Radio: The Circle (100.3)

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