Wednesday , June 16 2021

The son of one of the missing tourists in Mendoza was charged with murder: they found blood on his shirt

The results of comparing a blood sample found in his home by a team of scientists in a T-shirt and a cigarette with toothbrush samples that had been isolated in the apartment hired by tourists showed that they were spotted hematics and this corresponds to DNA of women.

This was explained to the press by the homicide prosecutor, Claudia Rios, who said that Gil Pereg was imputed "after that." the positive DNA of blood samples found during the attack last week at home will be confirmed for a bitch prepared to find human blood.

"In addition, we have enough evidence." the camera of the Chief Executive who shot when the three moved to the bus stop and arrived on Saturday morning 12 in the son's home but after the exit was not visible suggesting that people stayed in the place– he said.

For this last, the prosecutor also ordered this Saturday a new entering the house of Gil Pereg, on the street Julio A. Roca to 6,000 from the Gwymallen area. They entered the site with a digger of the municipality. The search was extended to the graveyard located in front of the house.

Pereg, meanwhile, has already been transferred to the Boulogne Sur Mer jail and will be subjected to physical and psychological research because, according to the prosecutor, "threatening to take his life",

Some days ago, Gil Perreg was a witness in the case. According to his statement to justice, he He was the last person to see the tourists on the night of Saturday, January 12thwhen he escorted them to take a bus to take them to the apartments they rented in the city center. This version could not be confirmed with the recorded images.

In dialogue with the media, man was encouraged to begin his hypothesis. He said that "someone can hurt him for revenge" before his relatives and they can be kidnappedIn this regard, the prosecutor emphasizes that "nothing is thrown away" and reiterates that "it is not clear what he said (Gil Pereg) if they are preserved or in what sense means that He never said or mentioned this.

Gil Pereg is an electronic engineer and former military. It has been based in Mendoza province since 2007He appears as the owner of five companies in Mendoza, created between 2011 and 2015 by Pyrhia Sarusi, who lives in Israel. Last year he released 46 untapped checks with three of these companies for a total of over 9 million pesos.

Pirhia Saruci (63 years) and his sister Lily Pereg (54) arrived in the country on Friday 11. Demand reached international impact. Political officials arrived in Mendoza (from Israel and Australia, where Lily Pereg lives). Also relatives of tourists who offer 50,000 dollars pesos of prize to those who provide information. Justice, on the other hand, offers a prize of $ 300 thousand pesos in exchange for data,

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