Sunday , January 17 2021

The sound that blames the policeman who sells fake tickets to the Boca River

The amounts included are Pablo J. Bordon Alimon, a former member of the federal police who now performs his duties in the municipality 4, as he can verify this in official sources.

Negotiations started several days before the start of the match. On Nov. 16, at 1:30 pm, the Parents' Youths transferred 50,000 Peso (25,000 for each stand) to a Citi Bank account on behalf of the police. And they agreed to hand over the family's familiar tickets near a shopping center in the city of Buenos Aires.

In the audio it had access to Infobae, the policeman's voice is heard in the minutes before the meeting. "Hi breeze, how are you doing?" Pablo talks to you, the boys from Neuken, listen to me, give me your ticket number."says the policeman.

Seconds later he worries about the presence of other police officers:Listen to me black, my car parked right at the mouth of the subway, I saw it in front of Shell. Go down, I'm going to give you the ticket out of the window, because there's only a bunch of cops here".

The involvement of a police officer in the resale business sparked all alarms. Buenos Aires judiciary is investigating in several documents the resale of "Superfinal", but had no idea of ​​the police relationship, could have known Infobae.

Where do the tickets sold by the police come from? "He told me he was going to Boca's dressing room and he was with the players", said Martina Godoy, the mother of the young T.

The case is exceeded because it is a scam. When the teenager, a river fan and his godfather came to the door of Monumental they were stopped in the windmill and said the tickets were "trout."

The godfather of the boy called the vendor, who was surprised and asked to hand over the phone to the one who was "in charge." A policeman picked up the phone and heard it say,No, how do you ask me that you can not".

Borden Almiron, the cop who sold the tickets, asked for time to solve the problem. Right at this point they started to get tear gas effects. The Godfather took the boy by the hand and they fled.

From that day, the parents of the young man tried unsuccessfully to regain their money. The policeman came to promise to get a loan to replace the money. Yesterday, they finally decided to file a complaint in the city of Neuken.

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