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The strange reason China is wiping Winnie the Pooh from video games Kingdome Hearts 3 – 11/23/2018

As you could see in the past Xbox Fan Fest in Mexico, the Japanese company Square Enix presented a new worldwide trailer of expectations Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring the charming Winnie the Pooh bear and his friendly friends, confirming the return of hundreds of forests to the saga. Everything was developing normally as the company published in China new images of this particular world inspired by Disney characters.

As seen in the Reddit social network, the Asian giant government has decided to censor Winnie the Pooh that he is accustomed to laugh at Chinese President Singin due to supposed similarity.

This situation between Winnie the Pooh and Shi Jinping begins in 2013 on a trip to the United States. A picture of the president, walking with former President Barack Obama, has become a popular man. The same happened next year, but this time along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

From now on, and to control network escalation, the Asian giant authorities decided to forbid the famous Disney hero.

In the case of Kingdom Hearts 3, Winnie was replaced by a cloud to avoid damaging the President's image, mainly through the famous memes. It is not currently known whether this unusual measure will be applied to the game when it is released in China, although everything indicates that this will be the case.

Other obvious cases were live with British actor Ewan McGregor and comedian John Oliver, who mocked Xi's sensitivity for his comparisons with HBO's character.

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