Monday , January 25 2021

The striking change in the appearance of China Suarez – shows

The work of the actress requires Eugenia "China" Suárez to have the flexibility to change his gaze according to each hero's requirements. On this occasion, the young woman had to go through the hairdresser to play a Polish immigrant from the 1930s in the new fiction that Polka was preparing for 2019.

"Hello Raquel," "Hello Polaka," wrote the actress to a video clip in which she shows the change of her appearance – a frenzied platinum blonde that stretches from hair to eyebrows. The art will be part of the best time on Channel Thirteen and the voice will also feature the presence of Gonzalo Heredia and Benjamin Vichu.

After a year dedicated to caring for Magnolia, the daughter she had with the Chilean actor, China once again highlights a vicious series that, given the caliber of her characters, promises to be a great product.

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