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The strong message of Puma Rodriguez to Pope Francisco about the situation in Venezuela

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January 25, 2019

After expressing his support for Juan Guido, the Venezuelan singer had cruel words against the Superior Pontiff and his "coldness."

Puma Rodriguez

Venezuela lives one of the most intense weeks of recent years, then Juan Guido He announced himself as the president who is in charge of the country. At least 26 people were killed in the last hours of violent police repression in demonstrations Nicholas Maduro,

In this connection, different personalities expressed their opinion and even mixed their feelings in the comments about the current situation. One of them was Jose Luis Puma RodriguezA Venezuelan singer who was interviewed in the program We are already big by Diego Leuko TN.

"I have never seen so many people in Venezuela protesting, 90% of the population does not want this communist regime, drug trafficking, dictatorial, abusive and wants to get out of it as much as it can. This is a cruel dictatorship and I regret the countries that are indifferent to what is happening in Venezuela, "said the artist." Children are starving, drugs do not arrive, they do not have enough food, "he added.

Twenty former presidents fired at the Pope for his statements about Venezuela

Additional, Puma Rodriguez also had harsh words against Pope Franciscoand questioned deadly his "cold" in this situation: "Still with a stalemate, the cold that characterizes it with those countries that want to get out of these tyrants, has a certain plane, certain accommodation."

When asked if he expects a gesture from the Supreme Pope, he said, "He will not. There is something weird about. Someday they'll check out the Vatican Bank and we'll make a lot of surprises. It seems they cover the pope's mouth.

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Pope Francisco arrived on Wednesday afternoon in Panama during the critical situation in Venezuela. His passage includes meetings with local authorities, regional bishops, and World Youth Day activities.

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