Wednesday , January 20 2021

The strong sentence of Anna Rosenfeld to Juan Darts when he gives up his defense: "What kind of person will you go to the courts?"

The former judge of the actor spoke after the denunciation Telma Fardin for violation.

Anna Rosenfeld told what she said to Juan Darts after the denunciation of Telma Fardin

After the serious complaint of Telma Fardin against Juan Darts for violation, Anna Rosenfeld He decided to break the silence and explain why he decided to stop representing him legally.

It is worth remembering that the attorney has announced through twitter that he stopped defending Darts hours later Argentine actresses I would say I will hold a press conference to report acts of sexual abuse.

After the shocking Thelma story became public, Rosenfeld visited Intratables and explained why he would no longer represent Darts because of the defamation and insult the actor initiated before him. Kalu Rivero, who accused him of harassment.

"In one of the conversations I had with Juan, and this I say as a woman, not as a lawyer, I said," What person will you go to court on Thursday? ".

"At that time, I believed in Juan's words, and he convinced me that what they really talked about was not true." Yesterday after I confirmed that we were dealing with the seriousness of the complaint, I quit, "he said.

"There is something I suspect about: his wife and his children believed it gave me the conviction that what Juan said to me is true (…) If I had Kalou in front of me, I would apologize for not trusting his word"The lawyer said about Rivero's complaint.

Rosenfeld said he warned Darts that he had stopped him from representing him: "The first thing I did was call Darts and say," Juan, I have a limit that I will not defend a person suspected or accused, nor legally for a crime of this magnitude, so today I submit my resignation. "

"If I had Kalou in front of me, I would apologize for not trusting his word"

He also had a very strong dialogue with the actor: "Today I have withdrawn and other professionals will continue to move forward … If you decide to continue … Because in one of the conversations I had with Juan and that I say as a woman not as a lawyer, , what person will you go to court on Thursday? "

And he explained the appointment with justice that Darts and Kalu have this week: "Because Thursday there is a very important audience called 360, where the parties have to meet and the judge is the one who will determine what evidence they will produce. , with what person can you face the media and a reality that touches you differently than what you played before yesterday? ".

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