Friday , May 7 2021

The taxi driver resisted an assault and killed a thief in Rosario

A taxi driver resisted an attack this morning, fought one of the two robbers, and shot him with a shot while the other fled, in a neighborhood in the west of Rosario, announcing Telham's afternoon sources.

A man identified as 36-year-old Enrique Martin Benitez took a cabin-attended taxi at the southern tip of Rosario and asked to be transferred to Felipe More and Ittuzano from the Bella Vista neighborhood in the area. west.

"Arriving on the spot, they take out the weapons from their clothes, require money and belongings from the driver, and there is a fight that causes Benitez's death," while the other fled, a court spokesman said.

The taxi driver, who has no background, regained his freedom after being slowed down.

Georgia Pirotla prosecutor in the Painful Murder Department ordered the criminal investigation service of the investigative police to remove traces, surveillance cameras and testify to potential witnesses.

The researchers found a shell of 25 caliber, and staff in the 14th district intervened and waited for the test results.

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