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The Touching History of Gustavo Garzon

Sunday, July 14, 2019 09:39 | Twins Juan and Mariano help the actor to cope with the absence of his wife, Alicia Zanka, almost seven years after his death after a long struggle.

sluice and Marianothe twins who Gustavo Garzon p Alicia Zanka, help him cope with the absence of the famous actress who died seven years ago after a long fight with colon cancer.

This is the story of the Monzón series actor during his program at La Noche de Mirtha. "I read something that prompted me a lot: every month you go with your children who have Down's syndrome to visit the mother's grave, the wild pointed. "Well, they ask me, they take me in. They will meet her," – replied the actor.

The actor said the little ones "Sing it" and – Send greetings from all over the world. This is a relationship "That makes them very good" as well as him.

"It's a very nice and nice place in Pilar, thanks to which I changed my connection to death completely, they go happily and happily, and when they feel it they say," I miss my mom. "And then they remain happy." "he excited.

In this sense, he added: "They are perfect, have the best attitude, they say that the twins" are the best relationships between people, you know what this is … It's absolute unity, " – he said waiter for La Chiqui, twin Goldie Legrand.

He then referred to the changes in society regarding the integration of children with Down syndrome: "The society accepts them more, there are many wonderful special schools, they have been in special schools since they were born, filled them with love and knowledge, that they were able … Since some knowledge can acquire and others can not, I have one who reads and writes and the other does not read or write, and they are children of the same mother, the same parents, and went to the same school ".

The actor also works as a teacher at the No Drama Seminar involving young actors who share two things: they have Down syndrome and each recognizes that they "feel at home". sluice and Mariano They are two of his pupils, and they were also part of Down Para Arriba, a documentary filming in 2017 with his father.

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