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The transition of Esmeralda Miter and Andy Kusnetzoff to the Holocaust actress's statements

The discussion of Esmeralda Miter and Andy Kusnetzoff (Video: "PH", Telefe)

Esmeralda Mitre decided to make a step forward in the first part of PH, we can talk, in the section where Andy Kuznetsow He invites the honesty of his guests, who must acknowledge some past actions. Then the actress went when the driver asked, "Who repents for a public statement?".

Andy made a brief introduction, recalling an interview that Esmeralda gave him teleshow in the middle of April when he talked about Holocaust victims and missing-dictators. "He was unhappy, maybe … It was not sweet But I never said so much, "Mitre began, stepping into the cross with Kuznetsoff, growing in tension.

Andy: – You spoke about the Holocaust victims, who were less.

emerald: – I never said it: Maybe they were not that much, maybe they were more, maybe they were less,

Andy: -But you know it was pifie?

emerald: –noThis is not to question or to say that this is not the greatest tragedy of mankind or to deny it. One of the greatest tragedies of mankind (corrected). What I know is unhappy, and maybe there are problems in this country that can not be affected because everyone feels … And why not go and look forJose Maria) Muscari and (Úrsula) Vargues and they asked for money (for their controversial statements)?

Andy: No, stop. I want to help you order …

emerald: -First I want to finish,

emerald: -First, I have already apologized. We can not continue with this subject forever, because if we do, it is they crucify me for something I have not done, which is to discriminate against the Jewish community, I did not Here it comes up with the topic. By this secondI do not want to go any further. I'm sorry, smart. I retire.

Andy: – Okay. He retires.

emerald: – (It was) much worse.

Andy: "Yes, I think they lose you everywhere.

emerald: – Excuse me. You can not compare, Andy. (…) Finally, I would have the right to doubt (the figure of the Holocaust) like any other person. And they should not punish me so much.

Andy: –To close the topic, I need to tell you what I thinkAs if somebody doubted the Andean Tragedy (this was also related to the program Carlos Pazz Vilaro, one of the survivors). But you say that they can be less and you keep on …

emerald: "More or more, I said, that you really do not know if they are more or less.

Andy: – You do not have to get there.

emerald: – I do not want to get there, but That's what I saidI already asked for forgiveness.

The actress ended her words by asking "the whole country" to watch the video of the interview they gave her teleshow, "Darius (I Lopérfido, your former partner) he had a political instinct. He said the truth, that's what CONADEP said, that the number of missing persons appears and the rest are not. The phrase was cut in half. What he said was that at that time he was doing well in this way, but nowadays he had to change because was used politically for human rights and somehow you have to turn your head, the thought of people. In addition, our money is used more than in the actual number of exits, they use our taxes. It's like what happened to the Holocaust, they said it was 6 million but it was not so much"Esmeralda said.

Esmeralda Mitre's statements on the Holocaust in her interview with Teleshow

PH it was broadcast on Saturday night as the most watched day (10.1 points). And soon after the actress thanked for the invitation from social networks, nothing seemed to have happened. But hours later, on Sunday, his position changed: he handed messages from his followers, supporting the position he used against Kuznetsoff. And even send a strong message: "(Andy) I stopped my car and strong. Nobody dives me anymore on television"he wrote in his Twitter profile.

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