Thursday , January 28 2021

The trick that Gallardo can activate for Copa Libertadores final

At this stage, after crossing many times in recent times, River and Boca They know a lot.

Although players differ, most of them are the same. Logically, since then, there will be no talk of coaches Guillermo Barroso Selootto and Marcello Galardo today they have already become synonymous with clubs.

This, therefore, means nothing more than being unable to surprise the competitor of his life.

However, as detailed Olé, the coach of "Milanario" will still have an ace on his sleeve against the final Copa Libertadores

Given the announced absence of Rafael Santos Bor with an accumulation of warnings that could jump from start to play, will be nothing more or less than youth Julian Alvarez

The striker, barely 18, officially debuted Nunez's shirt during the season, at a junction corresponding to Super League Argentina against Aldosivi.

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