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The unusual appearance of Alejandro Dominguez of Copa Libertadores – 08.12.2018

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Like a Teflon pan, Alejandro Dominguez has doubts about the removal of Copa Libertadores de América's final on European soil. The president of the South American Football Confederation not only justifies the transfer of the rebels between the River and Boca at Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, but also suggested that the main tournament of the clubs on the continent be revived by the latest edition.

As he did from the day of the disappointed rematch, which he recalled as "the afternoon of decision-making, with a lot of pressure that would be marked by a fire in memory," the Conmebol boss avoided any responsibility for the chaos that occurred in the monumental and He loaded the ink on the police and on the river.

"Everything was planned by the organization, and that's what Conmebol is responsible for, because they are vandalism that happens on the street," said the owner of the South American football mother in an extensive interview with the newspaper El Pais, of Spain.

The Paraguay also pointed the river for "the responsibility for what has happened in the field since the match was canceled and what happened to special guests like (Gianni) Infantino, me and other people." "They spit on us, they mistreated us, they offended us," and added that Monumental was more public than allowed.

He also suggests that he has received threats during his stay in the country, although he prefers not to give details of it. "You can not play in Buenos Aires or Argentina, first because there was an unjustified event, and there was this strange atmosphere in the atmosphere with threats and warnings," he explained.

From his peculiar look, sometimes closer to that of a television panel than that of Conmebol's president, what happened in Monumental can be seen, but since no concrete event happened, the measures were not taken concrete "You need to learn and above all to take steps to prevent it from happening again," he added.

According to Dominguez, this crisis has created an opportunity("It was my idea, I consulted with Pérez and he told me he not only thought he was good, but he also gave us Bernabeu," he revealed) and thus revives a cup that is "asleep, forgotten in time".

"A lot of South American competitiveness has woken up, the semifinals have been two beautiful finals, and for the first time in 58 years (the Cup) Richard and Boca are playing in recent occasions, Libertodorres is alive and strong," tried to justify Confuul's Pope.

The transfer of the match to Madrid managed to bring together the leaders, players and fans of the two clubs at one point: his unresolved rejection of the decision. On the side of the river, he wanted to play in Monumental and with the public. They failed to do so. On the side of Boca, who was given the Cup, won by the micro attack. Neither.

"Boca did what the River had done to the contrary. You have to use all the resources you have to protect your club's rights, "said Conmebol's president. In any case, the presiding authority categorically rejects this opportunity and both the Disciplinary and Appeals Chambers reject the representations of the institution led by Daniel Angelci , presentations.

In the words of the river, Domingue's look is quite peculiar. "The Monumental had its end, but it was not possible to play", he said. It seemed as if the consistency of more than 60,000 people for seven hours on the stadium and in a state of absolute uncertainty was homologated to the normal match for a football match.

Then the alternative to Spain appears. For money? No, according to the South African football chief. "The Argentinean is Argentina, where the most Argentinean is the Argentinean, where the most interconnected airport in Latin America is Barajas," he explained.

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