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"The Weasel Tale", the new film by Juan José Campanella, among the prime ministers to watch the movie weekend

The story of the Weasels
Genre: comedy
Direction: Juan Jose Campanella
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 129 minutes
summary: Gracela Borghese, Luis Brandonie, Marcos Mentstock, Oscar Martinez and Nicholas Francesa play in Campana's new comedy, telling the story of a beautiful star of the golden age of cinema, an actor in the twilight of his life, a disappointed film writer, and the old director makes it impossible keep the world they created in an old mansion before the arrival of two young people who pose a threat that could put everything in danger
Analysis of the movie "The Weasel Tale"

The reason to be with you

Genre: adventure, drama
Direction: Gail Mancuso
Rating: classification not available
Duration: 109 minutes
summary: The second part of W. Bruce Cameron's novel came to the theaters. This emotional film tells the story of a dog who finds the meaning of his life through the people he teaches to laugh and love.

The sun is also a star

Genre: romance, drama
Direction: Ry Russo-Young
Rating: Suitable for all audiences
Duration: 100 minutes
summary: Natasha, a teenager who is experiencing a family crisis where her parents will be deported to Jamaica, meets new love in New York.

Genre: drama, biography
Address: Dome Karukoski
Rating: Suitable for all audiences
Duration: 111 minutes
summary: a special movie for fans of the Lord of the Rings which connects the life of JRR Tolkien, the author of the fiction. on biographical film made a tour of the childhood of the British: an orphan boy, found his fascination with letters through a group of classmates. The writer lived in World War I, where he lost the vast majority of his friends and inspired him to write "Middle Earth." During the outbreak of World War II, he deepened his work and ultimately created fictions that reached several generations of readers.

Genre: animation
Direction: Kelly Asbury
Rating: Suitable for all audiences
Duration: 88 minutes
summary: with the voice of Tiny Stuessel, this fiction for the little ones is based on the life of some dolls living in a magical city where everything is perfect, but "uglydolls" are imperfectly stuffed animals that remain in UglyVille, a city where no one judges them on their appearances and the characters feel happy and protected.

The sound of tulips
Genre: Thriller
Direction: Alberto Masley
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 96 minutes
summary: history is centered in the 2001 crisis when Marcello, a journalist (Pablo Rago), is investigating the last steps of her father who died in a strange way. Accompanied by his father's former secretary (Calu Rivera), the journalist will try to find the truth about this mystery and find himself in a world full of violence with people who yearn for surplus power.

come back to me
Genre: Drama
Direction: Peter Hedges
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 103 minutes
summary: "Return to Me" tells the story of Ben (Lucas Hedys), a young man returning to his home for the holidays. His family accepts him with great joy, however, the world, his mother (Julia Roberts) realizes that his son is involved in drugs. The saint will try to save his son in less than 24 hours and thus ensure that his family will not collapse.

The Forest of Dogs
Genre: Drama
Address: Gonzalo Javier Zapiko
Rating: Suitable for over 16 years
Duration: 82 minutes
summary: Lorena Viega plays Mariela, a young woman who returns to the village where she grew up fifteen years later. On her return, she begins to discover secrets from the past and will make Mariela finish the ending of stories she has left in her past.

Genre: Terror
Direction: Alejandro Fadel
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years with restrictions
Duration: 109 minutes
summary: Everything happens in the southern part of Argentina, in a mountainous area where the body of a cut woman appears. Cruz, a rural policeman, is in charge of the investigation. David, the husband of Cruz's lover, is the chief suspect. Days later, David is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and the man blames what happened to a monster that appears suddenly.

Genre: action, adventure, comedy
Direction: Rob Letterman
Rating: Suitable for all audiences
Duration: 104 minutes
summary: Tim Goodman travels to Reim City to discover the secret of his father's disappearance. In this quest, he meets Pichau, who speaks, but Tim is the only one who can understand it. Together they will try to solve the case of a journalist who is accompanied by her Pokémon.

Genre: Comedy
Direction: Chris Addison
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 95 minutes
Synopsis: Remake of "Two Scammers Without Shame" starring Anne Hathaway ( Andrea in The fashion of the devil is dressed), Rebel Wilson (Bridal War) and Tim Blake Nelson (Samuel in Hulk) where the two women who are completely different come together to kill the men who have hurt them in the past.

Between reason and madness

Genre: Biography, Drama
Address: P. B. Shemran
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 124 minutes
summary: In the nineteenth century, Professor James Murray gathered all the words to begin the first Oxford Dictionary and received 10,000 suggestions from a patient to a patient of the lunar criminals shelter.

The son
Genre: Thriller
Direction: Sebastian Shindel
Rating: Suitable for over 16 years
Duration: 90 minutes
summary: with the leadership of Sebastian Shindel, the creator of the El Paron, an X-ray of crime and the film's performance by Luciano Castro, Joaquin Furriel and Martina Gusman, The son tells the story of Lorenzo, a fifty-year-old man who can not wait for his son to be born. However, during the nine months of pregnancy, the baby's mother is obsessed with the protection of her son and bears the midwife who was born in Norway. At birth, both women take the baby out of reality and Lorenzo, who will make crazy things to save his son.

End of game of the avengers
Genre: action, adventure, science fiction
Direction: Joe Rousseau, Anthony Rousseau
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 182 minutes
summary: Marvel's most anticipated band takes up the plot of the Wars of Immortality of the Avengers after the disappearance of half the world probation that provoked Thanos. After that great defeat, the superheroes who survived this tragedy gathered to save the Earth and humanity.

The Curse of La Llorona
Genre: terror
Direction: Michael Chavez
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 93 minutes
summary: based on the legend of La Llorona, a woman who has lost her two children and wandering through the streets, forcing everyone to cry. The film tells the story of a social worker who will have to protect his children from the curse of La Llona.

4 × 4
Genre: Drama
Direction: Mariano Kon
Rating: Suitable for over 13 years
Duration: 90 minutes
summary: Peter Lanzani plays Ciro, a young man who steals a 4 × 4 truck parked on the sidewalk of Buenos Aires. When he decides to escape, he realizes he is trapped, there is no way to open the doors or windows. Siro desperate before detaining. Someone outside has control of 4 × 4 and seeks revenge on the thief.

Gender: adventure, family
Director: Tim Burton
Rating: Suitable for all audiences
Duration: 112 minutes
summary: tells the classical story of the gentle elephant. Max Medici has a circus, almost gone bankrupt. The entrepreneur hires star Holt Farrier and his family to care for a newborn elephant whose ears are gigantic and become the grace of society. Until they discover that this little animal can fly and carry a huge amount of viewers. Among them is the important businessman V.A Vandevere, who seeks to get Dumbo for his new Dreamland project. The elephant does its best to show off its talent with Holt, a grand acrobat, until it realizes that Dreamland is a dark place.

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