Sunday , June 20 2021

The wrath of Emiliano Sala's girlfriend: "Cristiano Ronaldo's photo seemed uncomfortable, a lack of respect"

Authorities decided to put an end to demand for the missing plane in the English Channel, where the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala to the pilot of the plane. Faced with this determination, the family and friends of the player desperately wanted action to continue to close the story.

One of his most stormy demands was Berenice Schkair, Sala's girlfriend. "We ask the authorities of the clubs in Nantes and Cardiff to take up the search. From respect for him and his family, they have to give us an answer, "she said in a statement to the British media.

Emiliano is a hardworking, responsible, healthy person trained every day, early to go to bed, to love reading, to love with his friends from childhood and family, to be noble, pure and deserving to be sought, He was in the best of his career as a footballer. He was supposed to be at the top of the top scorers of Europe, between Messi, Mabape and Ronaldo. It's supposed to be a gold boot. He has reached the top of his career. He was in his sleep, "Berenice said.

"Please, please, be solidarity with the search, this is a young footballer who does not deserve to be forgotten. He must appear and come back with his family and friends. We need help in this investigation, he may be your son. Please do not stop looking for them.

For Schkair, "Suspicious" is that the search is terminated only three days after the plane disappears. "They can not lose hope so fast," he says, and thinks Salah and the pilot "may be alive on some island."

Although she stressed the solidarity that she and her family have received from the entire football world, the young lady was very tough with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who, on the same day of the disappearance of Salah, took a photo with a smile on a personal plane: "I found it in a bad taste, a lack of respect.

"It gives me creeps to think that they are already dead because they have not found traces of the plane"raised in despair and revealed that "five days ago" he was not sleeping for the lack of news about the player's location that was recently transferred from Nantes to France in Cardiff City.

Finally, he said, "I want to continue to search because the last thing that's lost is the hope, I still have the belief that he's alive, please keep looking."

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