Thursday , June 1 2023

"There are people in the dance who do the ball … I don't think the purpose and the policy are the same"


Dadi Brieva He was one of many artists who began to express their ideology and defend the government of Nestor Kirchner and Christina Fernandez. Thus, little by little, he began to engage in a multitude of contradictions and add enmity. It turns out that in addition the humorist It has a very frontal character and usually releases anything you think without a filter.

now the former driver of Agrandaditos He is involved in a major scandal over his too philosophical opinion about Marcelo Tinelli's ability to enter the world of politics. In dialogue with the radial cycle The show on the show, led by Ulysses Jayt, the comedian he shot back: "I wouldn't care if Tinelli got into politics."

However, he said the opposite. "I think they should be more
prepared people who take on the responsibility to perform such a role, "
then sinceró The husband of Mariela Ancipi.
"I'm not happy that some politics will dance at the dance. about me
I like to see my wife Pikin, Molina or Gabo, "he analyzes.

"What in
dancing there are people pelotudeando does not seem to me objective in politics
It's the same. Everyone should be ready to do what they know how to do, ”
he noted Midachi, Then you
they asked if the driver of Showmatch You have the conditions to be a candidate. – No, those who have
conditions are politicians, ”he replied.

"I have no conditions and I have been belligerent all my life. For example, to be a speaker you have to train, you know a lot of things. I believe in preparing for all this, ”he finished. Remember this Dady, In late July, he shared a video that went viral and made a big impact. There he spoke to voters and devoted a few words to the former president.

"I wanted
Be in this present to encourage them, to tell them that I know what they are doing
Wonderful task. I know the effort, the silence, this thing on the street
by: D eh Dady, I'm like you. And I get excited every time I live like that, "
admitted gratefully excited. "Here we are, near the change of history.
I invite you to talk, talk, speak kindly and nicely with this aunt,
with this neighbor, with this friend, ”he continued.

Finally, he left a hopeful message to the exmandataria. "And in regards to Christina, I remember the last time she said, 'Well, I'll leave them, but I'll turn into a pumpkin.' Dear heroine, it is time to end tonight and you will return to the palace with your people from where you should never have left. " brieva,

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