Tuesday , June 15 2021

There is a suspicious case of hantavirus in Bahía Blanca

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This is an 18-year-old girl who was on holiday in El Bullon and had the symptoms of this disease. She is hospitalized in isolation with all the symptoms of hantavirus at the Italian hospital. Doctors from the local hospital sent the analyzes at the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires to confirm or disprove the case.

The girl is accepted to be isolated in Italian and "falls into the definition of a suspect," said Carlo Boschetti (2544) of Telefe Noticias.

"He had a headache, a little myalgia, abdominal pain, and some episodes of vomiting," the professional said, adding that the most suspicions are that the hospital has visited the area of ​​the infection.

In the same spirit, Bosqueti said, "It would be a mistake to confirm the serology that the blood has already been withdrawn, and that the analysis is sent to the Malbon Institute in Buenos Aires."

"So far, it will be under surveillance, it should be noted that it can fit into any other picture, but coming from the area of ​​Bariloche and El Bolzon, we must take precautions," added the health professional.

The infectologist explained that the 18-year-old girl "has a fever of three days of headache and x-rays in the chest, no mention of any commitment."

As for relatives, Boschety said, "they are trying not to connect with the rest of the population that they are at home and expect to confirm or disprove the diagnosis, and the comrade who is with the young woman must use a mask,

It should be noted that the healthcare staff has already learned of the case and will start to take the necessary precautions in case of confirmation of the virus.

"We will have no results within 48 hours," said Dr. Cesar Bachini (MP 0888), deputy director of the local hospital.

However, Bachini told Telefe, "we have the peace of mind that he does not portray himself as a respiratory pattern, although he thinks of a patient who spent seven days in El Bullson and Bariloche and starts with a feverish condition that aggravates the general state that we need to take all measures that are within our capabilities. "(Source: noticiasnet.com.ar)

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