Thursday , May 13 2021

There is no water: Scientists deny the presence of liquid on Mars

Traces of liquid water have discovered the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2005, but NASA scientists have found that they are part of a different chemical compound. Error, the researchers explained the incorrect data processing.

Воды нет: Ученые опровергли присутствие жидкости на Марсе

NASA scientists have announced that Mars's water, at least in liquid form. In 2005, the researchers received images on the surface of the red planet from Mars reconnaissance orbiter. Experts have explored these pictures through various programs and methods, including CRISM, and have found traces of hydrated salts that show that the presence of liquid water. Later, scientists began to search for perchlorates – salts or esters that reduce the freezing point of water at 80 degrees Celsius – elsewhere on Mars. These connections will help the red planet's water remain in a liquid state. The CRISM instrument has shown that perchlorates on the surface of Mars are, but alter the demand algorithm that these salts are everywhere, including the crater, the lake, and the places where they simply can not be formed. Scientists have found that in the algorithm the error has penetrated and actually liquid water on Mars.

Scientists at NASA have rejected the presence of liquid on the red planet. Researchers said this led to the fact that most of Mars's search for life proved to be useless for research. Experts fear that they can say that life on the red planet does not.

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