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There was an accident, he was in a wheelchair and blinded Marcelo Tinley with his voice in "Genios de la Argentina".

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This time everyone who was moving was Josephina Delgado The young woman took her story to the studios at La Corte, where the El Trece program was broadcast.

From the age of 13 I was singing, acting, jazz, listening, classic and yes, life gave me a 360 degree turn. But at least I'm here, I'm alive and I can keep singing because I could lose my voice"the girl began.

Before consulting the driver, Josephine recalled the car accident that he had suffered three years ago in Uruguay, and it cost him almost a lifetime: "I had a feeling not to climb, but to one or the other thing I got into. I still had this bad feeling, that's the problem I had: I did not follow my intuition".

"I do not remember much, I remember what they said to me. I turned off the TV, wore a white dress and at the same time red because it was full of blood. And there I do not remember anything else, "he said.

Despite the pain to remember the story, he continued with the story: "I know that They all got us out of the car because he assumed he would burn or explode, and a girl was a CPR, but she was dead. So, one. And I was next because the ambulance never arrived. One of the girls arrived by car, there are parents who are kinesiologists, and I did CPR. I was revived".

According to his testimony, the last time he behaved was in 2015: "When I returned to the scene that was Endless LoveIt was amazing, I could not believe it. And after this I went back to sing with my singing teacher, but I'm never alive, so it's the first time".

Then, yes, that was the order of the music. The young woman intonation of the famous theme of Gustavo Cherati "Treat me gently," and with his voice he moved the whole jury and even Tinley himself.

(Video: "Argentina's Geniuses" – El Trece)

"This phrase that always comes to you "after complaining about so many things" is the one that applies in this situationHis will and will are incredible. It's amazing that after everything she's living, she's sitting here, it's exciting, "the driver said to him as soon as he finished, while they all applauded.

"If you put happiness and perfection in the balance, you must always win happiness." Art is absolutely imperfect, so judging yourself as a singer would be to minimize things. You are here before us, giving us an example of how one can build a world to be happy, and music is a great wayAnd this physical difficulty is not at all noticeable because you have a sweet volume, a beautiful voice color. It does not matter if you're in a wheelchair, here's one voice, you're audio, you're an example, "he encouraged. Patricia Sosa,

"We share a teacher, but for me, you are a teacher. In short, we come to celebrate the people in life, and I think you will celebrate many people and you will do very well, above all. And as Mer (the coach who they say) says, "the voice is the mirror of the soul," and I saw your soul, thank you, "were the words on the edge of the tears. Guillermo Valdes,

"You are very brave, I was wondering what I would do at your place and it is very difficult. He said, "I can at least sing," and that makes you hugebecause it is the power to control your thoughts. Someone once told me "one is the story you want to say." I forgot, I left myself, I felt like a stove among friends. Thank you, we have a lot to learn and much to be grateful for, "he added. Sofia Morandi,

(Video: "Argentina's Geniuses" – El Trece)

"I'm very glad to see a man who is an example of effort, work, then great misery, take the adventure, trying to get up and get everything you want, and you get it. You are an example of so many people who make so much less trouble. And you carry it with dignity, passion, effort, work, so you're a really great example, "he said Oscar Medieval,

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