Saturday , May 8 2021

They align the monumental stadium by reselling the Superfinal tickets between the river and Boca

City police invaded the Monumental Stadium in the context of the reason for the resale of tickets in Superfinal from Libertadores Cup between River and BocaBy order of the prosecutor Norberto Brot, which researches the resale in millionaire last April's officers they are looking for ticket sales protocols and partners' register to compare with 300 seized entries Friday at hector cave Godody, Justice has already proved with skill that the tickets in the hands of the bar are real; Being aware of the novelty, Brot ordered the procedure.

The club is closed for members: only the employees are in place. The attack's focus was placed in the box office, the affiliate's office, and the video ad.

In an attack on Friday in two homes (one in San Miguel and one in Villa Nin), Godoy, in addition to the tickets, were kidnapped 7 million pesos, although in any case he encountered, he assured himself that he lived in strange jobs.

"Probably part of the investigations of the attacks by the law have caused violent groups to cause incidents or some kind of repression", said Diego Santili, Deputy Chief of Buenos Aires, for the incidents that led to the suspension of Superclisic on Saturday and ended with several injured players from Boca.

The Brout Prosecutor's trial is not new. Started in April this year with follow-up on the Mercado Libre website for the resale of a River Plate game this month, which has interfered with the Criminal Behavior Department in the Buenos Aires public spectacles.

Reselling through legitimate records reaches astronomical numbers. Brooke is not the only prosecutor on this issue. According to the investigation of the Buenos Aires Intelligence Unit in the city of Buenos Aires, working in the superclinic on Sunday, November 11, by order of the prosecutor, Christian Lungobardi, in some areas exempt from Bombonera no less than 25% of those present had legal tickets purchased at resale, For example, in the K-section of the stadium with a capacity of 2135 people, nearly 500 fans entered tickets on behalf of other subscribers.

According to investigators, only the hotel that bears the name of the club would receive 50 people who admit they will pay up to 1750 dollars for a ticket, most of them tourists.

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