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"They also did not dare to dance" – 12.11.2018

Juan Roman Ricelme took two days to talk after the final Boca lost to the River in Madrid. Reflecting, with anger, he had a positive look to repeat to the fatigue that "getting to the end is not easy" and that "Boca fans have to be proud."

He categorically stressed that the River did not make a big difference for Boca.

"Nor do we think Guardiola won us, they did not make us dance. It was equal. It was not the first time in Boca's court, where they beat us and Rossi did a great match. For the first time Boca won and our goalkeeper did not cover the ball. Better. The party had the right to a penalty if it did not drive out Barios or Boca won because Boca de Lana hit the goal … Do not come to me that the other team is wonderful, "he said.

"I think Boca lost because they defended badly if they made four or five goals in the final, that's because you defended poorly, it is difficult to win the Cup final when they have four or five goals, I say because the last one is the last when the goalkeeper has gone looking for the target. If you want to win the Cup final, it's just four or five goals. Boca has scored many goals, three, which means that the other team did not defend well. It was a pity because he has always been at the top of the scoreboard and both the Bomboner and Madrid have been unable to cope with the outcome, "he said.

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"I think if Boca played differently, if it were different, if our coach put the team in another way and the result was the loss, so we talked about why he did not go on the same way … Here we live, the result Boca played the whole victory, it was a team that was not very shocking but with many goals and finally proved that it does not make a good game but makes three goals, Benedetto's goal is a dangerous movement for the river Boca is a team that makes a goal out of nothing , and in the end they made three, which is very, the coach respected his way of playing, as well as the entire bowl as it gave him results, and it's a shame we could not win, "he added.

Then came the time for the positive look. "I'm a fan of my club, I love my club, I'm 40 years old, I'm lucky … I think I've been lucky since 2000 to see the team that I'm seven times in the finals that we had to play the World Cup, or Intercontinental, as we called it, we saw him a champion with Madrid and Milan, that's a good luck. I'm grateful that the club is happy. I am grateful to the team, the coach, the leaders who took the club to the final. It is not easy, eventually the two best arrive. That means things are right. Boca has an obligation to win all matches. Seeing my son excited about the final is thanks to them, thank everyone, players and leaders, but he only won one. Fans must be proud of being from Boca, "he told Fox Sports.

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"You always win, it's a game, you have to be grateful that both teams are Argentina and Argentina's football is at the top, you are close, you have to worry if you lose in the first round or if you lose in the second round. We will win it again. Boca's goal was Libertadores and came to the final. Players competed in the best way. Our team competed as much as possible. The game was punished if we did not expel our player (Barrios), "he explained.

"It's important for me to get to the final, always … Of course, if I win ten times, I want to win ten." I'm honest, it's not easy to get to the Cup final, for sure Boca has a lot to improve in the management sense. Every year you have to try to be the best, but it's a game, we're racing, we've scored three goals. We had disagreement, expulsion, damage to Gaga, things that are not being processed. Quintero's goal, which will kick again and will no longer place the place where he left that day. We compete and the boys do not let us down, "JR said.

"Guardiola does not beat us either"

Juan Roman Rykelme. Video: FoxSports.

Gambeteó when asked by a deputy of Guillermo, "I can not think of technicians, I have not heard the leaders and the coach says he leaves until we hear we have a technician. We are grateful that he came to the end and the joy that he gave us as a player. He made goals in the final and the other team was not protected by a miracle. But we have defended them worse than they have done more, "he said.

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"It is logical to call each other a coach every day, because Boca has to talk all the time, you called me Heinze, Becace … I hope that in a few years we can say that they are great coaches along the way."

"I listened in the year that the Cup was the most competitive because they played the best, Boca came to the final deservedly, he beat his rival, we are proud," he added.

He also said:

* – "Galardo became an important coach for the history of his club. But we had the best coach in the history of football in Argentina, no doubt. A coach who just thinks he won four Libertadores and three World Championships, how would you compare him? This is the greatest of all times. We were lucky to have it at our club.

* – "I am a fan of the biggest club in the country, this is very good, we hope to continue to compete in the best way to win the Cup again."

* – The manager asked Angelicchi, not me, I do not know if it's necessary, I'm not the president of the club, I have no right to get involved in what I know is that we are very excited to win this Cup I will say 100 times, the obligation to play all 14 games and to play them.We became ill accustomed to the fact that we must win it. And if we play the final and we do not win it, we say it is a failure and it is not.

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* – "If this way we played the Cup since 2000, we would have played a river finish because the team of Ramon Diaz and Tolo were wonderful before you had to face the semi-finals and I have no doubt that Boca Keep do the things calmly and do not give up again and you can give the finish again.

* – "We have to congratulate the River, I think it is a good team, I have to congratulate the coach, who sold it to many players and he did very well, having many spare parts, which continued to compete to the maximum and that is valuable."

* – "I played football and it is not easy to get to the Cup final, so I can say that I am a fan and because I experienced it inside, and these guys and the coach had a lot of pressure this year, I have to say what to change, sure I'm sure Boca will have to change a lot, but you have to ask them.

"Tevez does not play"

Juan Roman Rykelme. Video: FoxSports.

* – "I'm not a conformer, I wanted to win the Cup every time I play. Boca fans are Malacostubbraudos with the last seven since 2000. I hope to continue this way, we compete and represent the club in the best way. "

* – If you ask Boca fans, he will tell you that the most important game is against Real Madrid or Milan, I was a fan and a player and he won one, since 2000 I have seen him seven times in the final. and he won 4. When we celebrated in 2000, I do not know how many years have passed (22), so we are happy what we have experienced during this period of our club.

* – "We made a big mistake, we were so ambitious that we asked Miguel Rousso to give up after losing to Milan and that should not be the case (2007)."

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* – "Winning the Argentine tournament is not a high stakes, Boca has an obligation to compete for the Cup every year. Boca and River, if they compete for the tournament in Argentina, they will always win. "

* – "I think if the Cup continues this way, they will be near the return of the final to both of them, they competed a few years ago in the best way, hoping that Boca could improve what he did to today ".

Rickelme talks about Guillermo's future

Juan Roman Rykelme. Video: FoxSports.

* – "If you make four goals, against the River or Argentina, you defended badly, I say four, because we do not count the last one. Hurry to be three times ahead and have that feeling that you can win because I think Boca is not a team that shows you a great game. Boca plays this way, in Cruzeiro does the same, each game is the same. She was not a colorful team. He made many goals like in other games and he did not reach us. But besides being a fan, I love football. And I repeat that they were lucky that Nacho, who has a higher level than the rest, plays a ball. This is the hard thing. Run, run to no one. Play the ball, play a little. They numbered this player (Nacho Fernández), who made an incredible game in the final. To congratulate, he gave the goal to his teammate's free goal.

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* – "I do not think any coach tells you that when you have the ball, you lose it … It's not that Mourinho tells you that, so we run back … No one is a matter for players not to lose the ball" .

* – "This was not the same as Boca's court, which was better in the first half and created many naked situations, while River did not play a good game in a big game but in those matches when they are equal, players from the category appear and Nacho Fernández plays the ball differently from the others. "

"Bianchi does not compare to anyone"

Juan Roman Rykelme. Video: FoxSports.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* – "Nandez works, he struggles, this is what likes Boca fans, he plays in the national team and does not weigh these games; he has a great advantage: the Boca fans, if you run and fight he appreciates it. "

* – "For me, football is a game. Cardona is of enormous quality that all the balls that he grabs have the intention of a good pass to pause. I like players who get angry when they lose the ball. I'm analyzing football this way. When Barriches and Nantes lose the ball, a fan does not bother because he restores it again. For me the ball is the biggest there, you can not lose it. The best way to defend yourself is with the ball, if you have, you can not attack me. I like to see Chilean Diaz, Racing, he does not give you the ball until you get him back.

"It's not like playing a Copa Libertadores final to play so we do not go down"

Juan Roman Rykelme. Video: FoxSports.

* – 'If I make a decision at any time (I'm going to presidency) … Every time I think more, but today it's time to think what needs to be improved if the coach continues to know what needs to be improved If there is another coach, let's hope he can make a good choice, if he stays, we have to support, things will improve, and if Guillermo decides not to continue, hopefully we will choose well in our club. "

* – "It has always been so to point Boca … Look, Basile, always a career coach, or if not players in the club like Arruabarena or Guillermo, always respecting what leaders will lead."

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* – "If he is not a long-career coach, he must be a former player. We can call Martin (Palermo), Battaglia, Basualdo, I do not know if Serna has a map. Because they know it in Boca is not easy. "

* – "If you find a coach who directs for a short time, we still do not know if it will be good, as a fan I choose those who gave me joy who know the club and know what is happening everyday. a coach like Guillermo, who has given us so much joy as a player today, the club will be a scandal, then you will be a coach like Basil and all of these, or you will have to think about what they gave you joy people give more time . "

* – "My party (goodbye) I've been away since retirement, I thought so much at the time, I thought you were not doing it, that's the truth but I want to see Boca's people, I want to live for a moment with the fans and the party , if it's done in the middle of the year, in October or November, I do not want to go in. I want to go back to my backyard again, the game will be the next year, yes or yes.

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