Sunday , September 25 2022

They annoyed Elizabeth Cariot on an airplane: "Where are the dollars at 23 dollars?"


The legislator spent an awkward moment when he returned from Cordoba to Buenos Aires Credit: Twitter. Capture a video

The National Deputy

Elisa Carrió

(Civil Coalition) was surprised on the plane he was traveling when a passenger asked him an inconvenient question and recorded the situation in a video. "Where are the $ 23 dollars he promised us?" he asked ironically.

The episode happened during a flight that led a deputy from Cambayos from Cordoba to Buenos Aires to take part in the session in the lower house. The passenger, with a remarkable tune to Cordovian, simulated, wanted to take a picture of Kario from the front camera phone, but he started recording.

The legislator reacts quickly. "A" coup d'état ", he argues, Kario predicts that the price of the dollar in May last year when the currency crisis began, and this coup, which the deputy mentioned, would lead to instability in the foreign exchange market, which led to a sharp cheaper exchange rate.

The man continued to question Karyo, even mentioning the fake spy and lawyer Marcello Alesio. "Will your friend know nothing?" But Cariot resolutely replied, "My friend is not Alesio."

The video that spreads quickly on social networks and joins
the unsuccessful episodes that Carrie had accrued in Cordoba, the most remarkable was with them
his controversial speeches about the late Governor of Cordoba Jose Manuel de la Sota.

Carrió's forecast

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