Sunday , June 13 2021

They arrested a man in Kilmes to burn his wife

A new attempt by a left-handed woman shocked Bomenos Aires, the city of Kilmes. Police arrested a man trying to kill his wife: He lit it in his own house.

She suffered the 47-year-old victim, identified as Grisiella Corias Burns on face and chestDue to the severity of her condition she was admitted to Despensario Hospital, where she remained with a reserved forecast.

The attack took place on Monday at around 10.30 pm at the home of the couple on Saratea Street in 2700. Police sources said the aggressor's brother made 911 warn of the situation.

When the soldiers arrived at the scene, they found the victim in a severe condition and transferred it to an emergency health center. Her husband, Nelson Orlando Duran, He was arrested for "attempted murder."

The case is in the hands of prosecutor Mariana Kura Zamanigego, who, through the evidence gathered, finds that Graciela is sprayed with alcohol and is set on fire deliberately. Your partner is the only and the main suspect.

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