Tuesday , June 22 2021

They arrested a pawn on the pitch for the offense of a river fan during the Libertadores Copa

A young man, aged 23, was arrested for a River Vendor crime in Florencio Varela Buenos Aires, who celebrated in the morning of Dec. 10 victory over Boca in Copa Libertadores' superfinal.

Buzios Aires police station Quilmes (DDI) Ministry of Investigation (DDI) arrested the defendant in Marcos Pass while driving cows in the area where he worked as a landlord. The police seized a 16-caliber rifle.

26-year-old Leonardo Ortiz is shot in the chest in the early hours of December 10 at the crossroads of the Pikeuta and Rio Caragua streets in Florencio Varela, in the southern part of the Buenos Aires metropolitan (AMVA), between a discussion.

Since the investigators have been able to reconstruct, the detainee leaves the battleground, looks for the rifle in his house and returns to kill Ortiz. The killer escapes and the victim is transferred to the hospital, but doctors can not save him.

Florentino Varela's decentralized prosecutor, Dario Provizio, investigates the crime as "just murder" while waiting for an autopsy of a river fan's body.

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