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They change the term "transsexual" due to "gender mismatch"

The World Health Organization replaced the term "transsexual" with the term "gender mismatch". In a new edition of their International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems they define it as a condition related to a person's sexual health rather than a mental and behavioral disorder.

In 1990, the World Health Assembly stopped identifying homosexuality as a mental disorder and published its first manual, which is used worldwide as the basis for conducting health statistics that affect the funding of health and insurance services. health.

On the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Binophobia, which is celebrated on 17 May, the WHO announces the update of this manual, also known as DCI-11. As it is said, the term "transgender" generates stigma and creates barriers to healthcare.

The manual explains that these people should be diagnosed as mentally ill to have access to medical care. It also recognizes the links between gender identity, sexual behavior, exposure to violence and sexually transmitted infections.

"Transgenic people need access to specialized medical help because they often face the side effects of hormonal therapies and this should be taken into account," said Anelika Volkonska, a nurse and transsexual activist from Belarus, according to El Mundo (Spain) )

The current Director of Infectious Diseases in the WHO European Region, Masoud Dara, stresses the importance of transgender people having the same access to health services, including HIV prevention and care as well as other people.

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