Monday , November 30 2020

They confirm that the CTEP warrior was shot in the back

CTEP is mobilizing yesterday to ask for clarification of Orelano's death Credit: CTEP

The autopsy performed on Rodolfo Orelana, slain in the early hours of Thursday during shooting at Ciudad Evita La La Matanza, confirmed that the 36-year-old free culture organization – CTEP, has died from a backlash. Justice investigates whether it is a weapon of the Buenosian police or the groups facing the property near the bridge 12 in the area known as the Italian area near the intersection of the Ricci highway and the Waist Path,

The bullet still could not get out of the way to clear that mystery, and according to the pre-autopsy, he stepped into his shoulder and passed through his face, the upper part of his nose. The study broke with the two medical reports published yesterday that talked about wounds caused by a sharp element.

A CTEP communiqué led by Juan Granpa directed the Buenos Aires police, based on evidence from witnesses. But the text, unlike the conference that was offered a few hours ago – which blatantly blamed the provincial forces – avoided being convincing. The Nation tried to consult Ghraba without reply.

Although they believe that the bullet comes from the groups facing the takeover, Buenos Aires General Prosecutor Julio Cote Grande and Provincial Security Minister Christian Ritondo are final. The first noted that "all hypotheses were analyzed" and the latter promised sanctions if it was decided that the one who shot Eagle was a uniformed officer.

Taking into account the heavy cross-accusations that were generated and maintained around the cases of Santiago Maldonado and policeman Louise Chocobar (who killed the teenager Pablo Kukuk), the position of Maria Eugenia Vidal's employees and the social organization is not overwhelming.

"We still can not confirm the mechanisms of Comrade Orelyana's murder, there are cross-sectional versions of the causes of death, Buenos Aires police say this is a confrontation wound, most witnesses say this is the police we will believe of witnesses until there are convincing skills, "they said on the CTEP's Exiled Workers' Movement page.

Yesterday, Conte Grand said yesterday that all the hypotheses had been investigated, and that the intervention was provided to Buenos Aires interior to list the troops charged with keeping the weapon-free property with the exception of police officers from nearby police sections that, when the incidents started, went into place.

"In general, all the soldiers who were in place to ensure the safety of the shot and the possible collisions carried rubber bullets, but when the situation flowed, reinforcements started to appear and we had to check the weapons they were carrying," he explained. Chief of Prosecutors.

Rhytondo supports this line. – In both hypotheses [enfrentamiento entre bandas o represión policial] we will cooperate to understand the truth, because the death of everyone in the country is unfortunate, "the defense minister said in the press.

Neither the video made by Orelan's comrades showing the desperation they are trying to make, nor the audio of the 911 call seems enough to clear the doubts.

In the video recorded by phone, Orelana's comrades explicitly blame the police (there are patrol markers on the pictures). With the 911 call and background sound reflecting the same despair, one claims to have "two wounded" and speaks of "confrontation."

Although they do not mention it publicly, they say in La Plata that the bullet trajectory shows that it will be smaller than the one used by the police. However, the investigation, which remained at the head of the prosecutor Jorge Yammetti of the UFI of the murders of La Matanzas.

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