Thursday , May 13 2021

They find a method that can encourage smokers to stop smoking

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(Caracas, November 25). 24)The images of people who feel disgust or dislike of a person who smokes can make smokers get rid of this habit that is detrimental to their health, according to a study published this week in the Consumer Affairs Magazine.

In an experiment, researchers at the University of West Ontario (Canada) decided to replace the illustrations for the harmful effects of tobacco on the body that appear in cigarette packs through images of people's expressions.

The survey covers 156 smokers, showing two packages with the same motto ("Here's how smokers see"), but with different illustrations. First of all, the cigarette pack was illustrated with images of people with neutral expression in the face, while in the second, people showed a disgust.

The experiment revealed that after seeing the second image smokers were ashamed and interested in quitting smoking.

However, The authors of the paper stress that this method may not be entirely ethical because it can cause additional stress among those who can not stop smoking. For this reason, they suggest that more research is needed in this respect.

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