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They found the bodies of Israeli tourists in the home of the defendant – 26.01.2019

The bodies were covered with a great deal of stones and land, about 2 meters deepSo, Nicholas Gil Pereghe, the son of one of the two Israeli tourists who disappeared in 15 days, managed to conceal in his house the secret of what happened to his mother and his aunt. But the plot began to resolve this Friday with his arrest and ended this Saturday when they found the bodies of the two women buried in his house.

The finding was made during the second raid for 24 hours at Pereg's home, now in jail, accused of double criminality. Victims are identified through passports and clothing.

Previously, the accused was faced with the prosecutor in the case. – If you do not let me go to my house to take care of my catsThis is the only sentence he said when he was told that he was accused of murdering his mother, Pirhya Sarusi (63) and his aunt Lily Pereg (54). found.

Nicolas Lash Perig, son of one of the victims, has been detained since Friday. (DELFO RODRÍGUEZ)

Nicolas Lash Perig, son of one of the victims, has been detained since Friday. (DELFO RODRÍGUEZ)

In this way, the Israelis who have lived in Mendoza since 2007, threatening to take his life, but showed no signs of pain or sorrow for what happened to the nurses arriving in the province on Friday, January 11th.

From the next day, nothing was heard about them, so an investigation began, always pointing to the 36-year-old man as the chief suspect. However, investigators have not received any evidence to criminalize him.

By Friday afternoon, policemen arrived at the property located on Calle Julio Argentino Roca at 6000 in Guaymallén, where Gil Pereg he lived in povertyto stop it.

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Murder prosecutor Claudia Rios has received the evidence that leads him to prison: chiefly, stains of blood on a cement bag and a shirt,

This evidence was compared with a toothbrush abducted in the apartment that Israeli women hired in the center of the province's capital. "A scientist has identified spots that are hematic and the DNA obtained corresponds to the toothbrush isolated in the compartment," the prosecutor explained.

It is not yet possible to determine who owns this toothbrush, so it can not be ascertained whether the blood found in the attack corresponds to Sarusi or Pereg, who, although they are sisters, used different families.

During the first attacks of the defendant's home, they found evidence that compromised him. (DELFO RODRÍGUEZ)

During the first attacks of the defendant's home, they found evidence that compromised him. (DELFO RODRÍGUEZ)

Jill Pereg was officially charged with a massive murder because of the relationship in the actual race (in the case of his mother) and just murder (with respect to his aunt). Having heard these accusations, he threatened to take his life, and his official counsel requested that all measures be taken to preserve his physical and mental integrity.

The prosecutor reported that Gil Pereg was not named Nicholas and that he probably accepted that name when he arrived in Mendoza. He also confirms that the accused lived in San Martin, a department located 40 kilometers east of the capital Mendoza, where he had Rotarya. There was known as Floda ReltihOr Adolf Hitler if you read the opposite.

This Saturday, based on new evidence, the prosecutor ordered a new assault on Gil Perigue's property to search for the sisters' bodies. The troops responsible for the operation They took their backs and asked for the support of dogs the Escam, specializing in the search for corpses. The two women were buried in the estate where Pegre had his house.

Three dogs specializing in the search for corpses were key to marking where the bodies were hidden. Once in place, the dogs marked a spot near Pereg's precarious home.

The detainee lived in a mansion in poverty. (DELFO RODRÍGUEZ)

The detainee lived in a mansion in poverty. (DELFO RODRÍGUEZ)

In order to get rid of the investigation, Jill Pereg accused his neighbors related to uncertainty, "I'm sure someone has done something for them because they can not disappear on their own," he said, before being arrested.

Saroussi was an employee of an Israeli collection agency, and Pereghe is a professor of microbiology at the University of New England and Australia. They arrived in Mendoza on January 11, and the next day the security cameras caught them at 9:30. Together with Gil Pereg, on a bus in the capital of the province, to go to the man's house.

At 10.05, other cameras installed in a cemetery located in front of Jill Pereg's home are registered the three were walking around the areaIn his story, the accused has assured that after having spent several hours in their home, the women went to the bus stop alone to return to the downtown apartment. However, there is no evidence of this situation.

Jill Pereg had grooves, but he shaved when he announced the disappearance of his relatives. His way of life puts him at the center of the investigation: a hermit, in attacks on his property that the troops have discovered the equivalent of three million pesos in dollars and euros, a large quantity of registered weapons and ammunition, sports supplements (proteins and vitamins) and animals in poor condition or dead, dissection of the grill,

The site has no drinking water or other basic services. There are no beds, chairs or bathrooms, but there are great security measures.

Jill Pereg, a former Israeli army military officer and engineer, is also the director of five companies his mother has established in Mendoza. But he does not do well in business: he released it last year 46 checks without funds for more than 9 million pesos.

This Saturday, after the corpses were found, the man was moved to a closed complex, Boulogne Sur Mer, in Mendoza.

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