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They guarantee that the shower of stars will be seen "entirely" in San Juan – Diario La Provincia SJ

Saturday, December 08, 2018


In those days, the sky will be the scene of an astronomical spectacle. Whether it's a shower of stars that happens from Friday 7th to next December 17th. This is the "night of Gemnids," a star-shaped phenomenon that attracts astronomy fans. This will be the largest since 2018, and then the moon will grow stronger.

In this context San Juan is the ideal scenario for this. Is this the purity of the sky far from the lights of the city, making it look more beautiful. Be a "full show", experts say. Among them is the astronomy doctor of the Cordoba Astronomical Observatory, Facundo Rodrguez, who recommends seeing this province.

"He is far from the lights of the city, and I remember when he was watching the Gemendides as a student." It was impressive, "Clark assured him. The rain of the stars will have maximum activity during the night of 13 and Friday 14 December and will be a natural spectacle of lights, especially for the Northern Hemisphere.

As stated, the ideal position to see this rain is "to lie down and turn your head to the north." If we stand, it is best to turn our back on the constellation "Gmin" so we can see the routing of the stars because from there If we do not focus on anything more, we'll see them go out.

This year will be "the night of Gemnids". That is, even if it happens day, the moon will give a brighter touch. "On December 15 (the night of the 14th day at the top of the rains) there will be a fourth upswing, so there will be more to the dark, something that would not happen at full moon (which is the 22nd when the phenomenon is finished) – he finished.

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